Film and Television Composers

Here we list some of the many composers who have contributed significantly to the development of film music, often called "film score composers", and including some composers who have worked primarily in Television. At the current time this list has 170-plus composers, and it excludes a few composers such as Dmitri Shostakovich and Serge Prokofiev which we have categorised as classical composers even though they may have written a substantial number of film scores. We also have a large "to do" list of composers that we want to cover in due course. So if your favourite composer is not yet listed, they are almost certainly on the "to do" list. We also recommend our Pinterest Board of Film Composers.

Interviews with Film Composers

Here are some interview conducted with Composers whose outpout has included Film and Television work.

Articles about Film Composers

We have also published a number of articles about film composers, which look in detail at these composers and focus on certain aspects of their life and work.

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