Patrick Doyle: Music from the Movies

Patrick Doyle Patrick Doyle: Music from the Movies was a recent concert of music by Patrick Doyle. The concert was held in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, special guests including members of the composer's family, friends and fellow musicians. The event had a wonderfully intimate feel celebrating the music of this Scottish composer. More....

Telemann: 12 Fantasias for Viola by Bryla

Michał Bryła: Telemann Viola Fantasias - album cover Telemann's set of 12 Fantasias for Viola da Gamba Solo were thought lost until 2015 when they and other works by the composer were uncovered. Even in Telemann's day the Viola da Gamba had been largely replaced by modern string instruments. Now the Violist Michał Bryła has transcribed and recorded these works on a modern Viola. More...

Fem Får Fire Geder - Danish Folk Tune

Fem Får Fire Geder - sample from original manuscript "Fem Får Fire Geder" ("Five Sheep Four Goats") is a traditional folk melody from Denmark, first published in the 18th century. The original manuscript (part of a collection of fiddle tunes) is now held in the Danish Royal Library. It has been recorded and performed by various artists, including the Danish String Quartet. We have added 4 versions to the mfiles library:

Bach: "Little" Organ Fugue in G Minor

Johann Sebastian Bach at the Organ Bach composed several stand-alone fugues for Organ, and this one in G minor (sometimes called the "Little" Gm Fugue) is the most famous. Here we present 4 versions of the fugue, all with sheet music, parts, video and audio files:

Jon Burlingame: Music for Prime Time

Jon Burlingame: Music for Prime Time - book cover Jon Burlingame is an expert on film & TV music and his latest book Music for Prime Time looks at the origins and evolution of the small screen art form, subtitled "A History of American Television Themes and Scoring". John Caps reviews the book, with a focus on the new and ever-changing dynamics affecting TV Music. More...

Dvorak - Humoresque No.7

Antonin Dvorak One of Dvorak's most famous works is his Humoresque No.7 from a set of 8 Humoresques Op.101 in different keys, all of which have a light, whimsical nature. No.7 is in G-flat major though there are simpler versions in G major, and arrangements for many different instruments. On mfiles we have 3 versions with sheet music, parts and audio files:

Mark Isham: Music for Film

Mark Isham: Music for Film - film music album cover The latest Music for Film album from Film Fest Gent features the festival's 2022 Guest of Honour Mark Isham with an excellent selection of individual score tracks and several Suites from the composer's many film scores over the past 4 decades. More....

Burt Bacharach - an Obituary

Burt Bacharach Yesterday we reported on the death of Burt Bacharach at the age of 94. Here John Caps provides a more in-depth consideration of Bacharach's long and fruitful career, and his major contributions to popular music and film music as a Song Writer and Composer. More....

Shie Rozow - Interview

Shie Rozow In this interview Shie Rozow talks about his career to date as a media composer and as a music editor. There is an in-depth discussion about his film score for the recent documentary "The Last of the Winthrops", and he also gives us a glimpse into projects which should reach our bookshelves and screens in 2023. More....

More Christmas Carols and Hymns:

We have added 2 new Carols and 5 new Hymns to our catalogue, all with piano sheet music and audio files:

More Traditional Folk Tunes

Loch Lomond We have added some additional items to our folk music collection. Representing the "Sea Shanty" we have the traditional "Drunken Sailor" and the popular "Wellerman". We have also added two different versions of the traditional Scottish song "Loch Lomond". As always we include relevant sheet music and audio files:

Christopher Willis: Lamya's Poem

Christopher Willis: Lamya's Poem - film score album Lamya's Poem is an animated movie about a 12-year-old girl forced to flee war-torn Syria but finding a strange solace in a book of poetry. The music score by Christopher Willis is a perfectly judged mix of sound design, small chamber groups, full orchestra and the Persian ney. More....

Debussy: Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum

Claude Debussy Claude Debussy's Children's Corner is a suite for piano dedicated to his daughter. The final movement Cakewalk is already on mfiles and here we present the first "Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum". We include the original for piano solo, and two arrangements for a variety of instruments with piano accompaniment, all with sheet music (score/parts), video and audio files:

Alastair Penman: Soar

Alastair Penman: Soar - music for Sax and Piano - album cover Soar is a classical album featuring the talents of saxophonist Alastair Penman and pianist Jonathan Pease. The album brings together an interesting collection of music, and includes some dazzling displays of virtuoso sax playing. More....

Series 13 The Specials by Segun Akinola

Segun Akinola - Doctor Who: Series 13 The Specials - TV score boxset cover Composer Segun Akinola has accompanied the 13th Doctor through all her travels, and he bows out as Doctor Who composer with scores for the Series 13 The Specials broadcast in 2022 leading up to Jodie Whittaker's regeneration. More...

Two Scores for Hitchcock's Frenzy

Hitchcock's Frenzy, scores by Goodwin and Mancini - album cover "Hitchcock's Frenzy" is a soundtrack album with a difference. It has two alternative scores to the Hitchcock classic: the movie's final score by Ron Goodwin & the rejected score by Henry Mancini. John Caps presents the story behind the Two Frenzy Scores and how they came to be. More...

Theme from Brahms' Symphony No.3

Johannes Brahms In total Brahms composed 4 Symphonies, and the theme from the 3rd movement of his Symphony No.3 in F has captured the imagination of other composers and songwriters. Here are 3 arrangements of that theme, with sheet music (score & parts), video and audio files:

Suo Gân - Traditional Welsh Lullaby

John Williams: Empire of the Sun - soundtrack album cover Suo Gân is a traditional Welsh lullaby, which has been performed and recorded by many artists from Wales and Worldwide, and famously used in the film "Empire of the Sun". We present 3 instrumental versions of the folk song, all with sheet music and audio:

Infinite Stories - Gillian Blair on Sax

Gillian Blair: Infinite Stories - album cover Infinite Stories is the first solo album of saxophonist Gillian Blair. Though very much a personal project, the music selection is instantly accessible and shows off the instrument's considerable stylistic range in the hands of an expert player. The album is highly recommended. More...

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