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Cliff Eidelman is something of an all-round musician. He trained in the violin but has film credits playing both piano and guitar. As a conductor he has recorded many film scores. For example he conducted the Royal Scottish National Orchestra in their rendition of the music from the Alien films in the Alien Trilogy CD (recorded at a time when there were but three parts to this trilogy!). He also conducted the orchestra for an album called "Romeo and Juliet" which features many film music tracks associated with the works of Shakespeare.

Cliff Eidelman: My Muse - Album cover As a composer, Eidelman's big break came with "Star Trek VI: The undiscovered Country". This 6th Trek movie was notable for its change of direction and darker tone which is helped immensely by Eidelman's well-judged score. See our article Star Trek Music for more about the music of the Star Trek films and TV series. Since then another sci-fi score was "The Meteor Man" and the composer's career has been steady rather than meteoric, but he has scored several family movies and romantic comedies, documentaries, adventure movies and various television movies. So Cliff Eidelman is certainly versatile. The composer has an official website at where you can hear samples of much of his music, including the composer's own song album called "My Muse".

Cliff Eidelman was originally going to score the new Star Trek TV Series "Star Trek: Discovery" (when Bryan Fuller was involved as showrunner) and even created some musical sketches which he continued work on afterwards. Those sketches has now been released as an EP under the title "Into The Unknown" which is available for download.

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