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The mfiles website has been on the web since 2000. It's purpose is to supply a range of free services to people interested in music, with a particular focus on Classical Music, Traditional Music and Film Music. We provide free sheet music for many instruments, free midi and mp3 downloads, and have lots of information and articles about classical and film composers, film soundtracks and traditional music. You can keep in touch with new content on mfiles through the following social media channels:

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Other questions about mfiles may be answered in our Frequently Asked Questions section, or you can contact mfiles directly.

Ownership of mfiles and Commercial Services

The mfiles site is owned and managed by Music Files Ltd which also manages the site www.music-files.com.

In addition to the free services offered for personal use through mfiles, Music Files provides a range of commercial services, including Music Licensing Services, and Advertising and Promotions.

History and Background of mfiles

1&1 Green Hosting The mfiles site first appeared on the web in May 2000, with a few pages hosted on free web-space as an experiment to explore the potential of creating and playing classical music files created using Sibelius (now owned by Avid). The experiment was a modest success, and the site's growing content was transferred to a professional hosting company - IONOS (formerly 1&1), who we highly recommend for price, features, reliability and its use of renewable energy. Since its formal launch in March 2001, with a particular aim to bridge the divide between Classical Music and Film Music, the site has grown organically with an ever-expanding catalogue of Sheet Music, MIDI files and MP3 files, together with informative content in the form of articles, reviews and reference material about composers and their music. The growing administrative demands of the site and its commercial music publishing arm then resulted in the formation of Music Files Ltd.

Location of mfiles

mfiles is managed from South Queensferry near Edinburgh in Scotland as per the map below.

map of UK showing home of mfiles

Image produced from the Ordnance Survey "Get-a-map" service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland