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Randy Edelman - Shanghai Noon soundtrack CD cover Randy Edelman has been in the film music business for quite some time and, while he hasn't reached oscar-nomination status, is the kind of reliable jobbing composer who will get the task done no matter what the subject. Based on his filmography it would appear that his strengths lie in the light comedy department. But light comedy is quite a wide genre itself, and can cover family entertainment such as the "Beethoven" films, romantic comedies such as "While you were Sleeping", situational comedies such as "Twins" and action movies like the Jackie Chan "Shanghai Noon" movies. Given that wide range of requirements, it is no surprise that Edelman's occasional excursions into other genres have invariably been satisfactory. The "Shanghai Noon" series is an ideal vehicle to showcase Edelman's music since it allows him to underscore lots of action, delve into Chinese and other location-inspired sounds, while delivering it all with a humourous flourish.

As well as "Son of the Mask", sequel to "The Mask", and the action movie "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor", Edelman has returned to the Romantic Comedy genre lately with film scores including "27 Dresses" (for which he also performed the piano solos) and "Leap Year". In addition to his film work, Edelman has also worked on several TV series and scored a large number of TV movies. He is also an accomplished songwriter (e.g. "Uptown Uptempo Woman") and has released solo albums.

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Edelman has found regular employment as score composer for TV movies, and has also worked on a number of series and as a songwriter.

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