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One of the problems with the internet is that it is so big that it can be hard to find things. At mfiles we are committed to imposing some order on this chaos, so that related items are easily accessible. Therefore when we make recommendations, review soundtracks or conduct surveys of recent sheet music, we also publish links to these items so that visitors can find out more and purchase them. On this page we bring together a range of pages within mfiles which will help you find a good range of products and offers available.

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Price Comparison service for MP3 Downloads

It was announced on 16th January 2012 that Music Files will discontinue the Price Comparison service, offered in partnership with MP3 Puzzled. Despite considerable effort since late 2009 to develop such a service, we came to the conclusion that it was not possible to sustain a service that was reliable, commercially viable and catering for our core customer base in both the UK and the US. Links to this service will be removed by the end of January.

However we consistently found the Amazon were the cheapest site for the majority of MP3 downloads, both single tracks and albums. We have therefore retained our album recommendations and redirected them to Amazon, and you will find them above in the "Shopping for MP3 Downloads" section.