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Licensing Our Music

As explained in our Terms & Conditions, Music Files Ltd holds copyrights in mfiles music material and this material is published online as a free service intended primarily for the pensonal and private use of individuals. Individuals, Charities and Educational Establishments are allowed to use this material for strictly non-commercial purposes. However for commercial projects we can license a range of music tracks and other material.

Below we explain some of the key ways you can license our music:

Ready to Download Commercial Tracks:

Example Tracks to License from Songtradr & Pond5 We post high quality music tracks to a number of online platforms where they can be readily licensed. Some of the music is based on mfiles tracks and some have been developed independently. They are available for most commercial purposes to Film directors, TV producers, App and Game developers, Businesses large and small, including podcasters and creators of home videos and social media content. The main platforms we use are called Songtradr and Pond5 and our core Artist or Profile pages are at the following links from which you can see our music tracks:

Licensing of mfiles music and files:

Graphic - Canon in D music box version Music Files Ltd can license material from the mfiles website for a variety of commericial purpose, e.g. for computer games, web-sites, audio-visual presentations, telephone on-hold systems, film, TV, video, commercials, restaurants, shops, radio, etc. The material can be supplied in a variety of different forms including CD-quality audio files (sent electronically or on CD) and high-resolution printouts in a variety of formats for graphical uses such as posters, books and engravings. We are happy to customise the material to suit your particular requirements, based on definition, quality, file sizes, etc. Please email mfiles licensing with details of your requirements.

Commissioning Music:

We accept commissions for music, and have several year's experience in providing music and sound effects for computer games and other visual media. The majority of music commissions are satisfied by composer Jim Paterson. We suggest clients check his Original Portfolio for examples of his music, and contact him direct via mfiles commissions with details.

In addition to this we have a wide range of contacts in the music industry, and through these have provided additional services such as consultancy, transcriptions and musical arrangements in various musical styles for bands of various sizes. Please contact mfiles music services.