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Edwin Wendler - film composer

Edwin Wendler - photo Edwin Wendler is an Austrian born composer, who seems to have been destined for a musical career from the start. Both his parents had professional singing careers (as tenor and soprano respectively), and his father became assistant director at the Vienna State Opera. Edwin himself attended the Vienna Choir Boys for a number of years, touring across the world with the famous choral group and working with many renowned singers and conductors. After his voice broke, he studied music and pursued his passion for film music, initially scoring a number of film shorts for an independent film company in Austria. After moving to Los Angeles Wendler has continued to build his reputation as a composer, orchestrator and arranger for a range of Hollywood productions.

Edwin Wendler: Wrong Holywood Number - score CD cover In common with many composers Edwin Wendler has served an apprenticeship as an arranger and orchestrator for other film composers, and occasionally contributing additional music. He has worked with Stephen Trask on "Little Fockers", with Paul Haslinger on "Into the Blue", "Turistas", "The Fifth Commandment", "Gardener of Eden" & the TV series "Sleeper Cell: American Terror", and recently with John Ottman on "The Losers" and "Unknown". Meanwhile Wendler has continued to further his solo career providing music for a variety of television and film productions, frequently short films shown at a variety of Film Festivals. A notable score for a short film was the animation Azureus Rising for which Wendler won a "Best Score" award at the Los Angeles International Film Festival in 2010.

Edwin Wendler: Escape - soundtrack CD cover Among full length feature films, Wendler has scored "Home the Horror Story", "Taking Your Life", "Christmas with a Capital C" and "Escape". In his projects, Wendler has demonstrated a considerable breadth of styles, from dreamy effects in "Taking Your Life" and the fun horror of "Home The Horror Story" to his homage to the golden age of musicals in "Wrong Hollywood Number" and his driving rhythms for the TV series "The Interior". Just released is the composer's score for "Escape". The movie stars C. Thomas Howell and John Rhys-Davies as two very different men being held for ransom, who decide to work together to escape their captors. Being set in Thailand, the score features a range of ethnic influences and has been released by Perseverance Records. For more information including audio samples see the Forty-Two Trading Company.

Edwin Wendler - The Right To Love: An American Family - score CD cover Some of Wendler's most inventive and inspirational music has been for a series of short films he scored for the Cheshire Project. Music from 3 of these films "The Return Of The Muskrats", "Sky Squad Eagle Eight" and "Selling The Future" have been released on an album called "Cheshire Adventures" with proceeds being donated to the charity Zeno Mountain Farm which runs camps bringing together people with and without disabilities. One of his most recent roles was scoring the documentary The Right to Love: An American Family, but the composer has since gone on to score the action/thriller "The Mark" and its sequel "The Mark: Redemption", both starring Craig Sheffer and Eric Roberts. You can hear sample tracks from "The Mark" at this location on SoundCloud.

The composer's official web-site is at

Films by Edwin Wendler:

    Edwin Wendler: Home The Horror Story - score CD cover
  • Knowing - a "short"
  • Home The Horror Story
  • Who Killed America? - short
  • The Cage - short
  • Idol - short
  • Wrong Hollywood Number - short
  • Black Oasis - short
  • Taking Your Life
  • Into the Blue - additional music and orchestration for this score by Paul Haslinger
  • The Return of the Muskrats - composer and song arranger for this swashbuckling adventure
  • Turistas - additional music arranger
  • The Fifth Commandment - additional music arranger
  • Edwin Wendler: The Interior - score CD cover
  • The Losers - additional orchestration
  • Azureus Rising - animation short
  • Little Fockers - additional music arranger for this Stephen Trask score
  • The Resident - additional arrangements on the Hammer film scored by John Ottman
  • Christmas with a Capital C
  • Unknown - additional music
  • Kitty Beans - short
  • Escape - set in Thailand the soundtrack has an ethnic influence
  • The Right to Love: An American Family - documentary
  • The Mark
  • The Mark: Redemption - sequel to "The Mark"
  • Non-Stop - again working on a John Ottman score to provide additional music
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past - credits for additional music and arranger on another score by John Ottman
  • Unnatural
  • I Spit on Your Grave: Vengeance is Mine
  • Dead Ant

TV Music by Edwin Wendler:

  • Fear Factor - additional music and arranger
  • Sleeper Cell - additional music arranger
  • The Interior - Wendler created the incidental music and co-wrote the theme song "The Gold You Seek" with Mike Ator
  • Joni and Friends - theme and incidental music for this documentary series

Edwin Wendler Recommendations:

Our review of the spectacular animation short Azureus Rising contains links to the animation itself on youtube, and mp3 downloads of all the tracks used in the film. In addition to this some of Wendler's scores can be found on Amazon (see below) or visit the "Film/TV Music Soundtracks" section of the Westwood Music Group which has released a number of Wendler's scores and has several tracks available for mp3 download.