The Man from Fugue State

The Man from Fugue States - screenshots The Man from Fugue State is a traditional point-and-click adventure game by Salvador Haggini (aka Graham Nichols), set in the Wild West, charmingly illustrated with plenty of puzzles to solve and lots of humour. The game is free to download at, with lots of Western style music tracks sourced from the internet including 3 of my own tracks from Soundcloud. See also reviews at and

True Grit by Jim Paterson

This music was composed for a Game to tie in with the remake of the movie "True Grit". The different tracks are played in different environment levels, and also used within mini-games.

Jim Paterson, composer & webmaster

The mfiles website is maintained Jim Paterson who also composes music in a range of styles. Some audio samples are available on the Portfolio Page. This is the trailer for the mobile version of "Car Jack Streets" which features this theme tune:

Here is a list of Game Companies, clients for whom Jim Paterson has created music:

Other places where you can find Jim Paterson's music:

Music by Jim Paterson

Here is some of my most recent Sheet Music published on Score Exchange:

The Bay - The Series

The Bay The Series Jim Paterson contributed "additional music" to an online soap/drama series called The Bay. Its first season consists of 16 "webisodes" - 4 chapters of 4 parts each. All 16 Webisodes made so far can be watched on The Bay website. The series has had some great reviews and is expected to be converted into a season of half-hour episodes for Television on US and International channels.

Jim Paterson on IMDB (with resume).

Music for Corporate Video

I was commissioned to create music for this corporate video which also features on this website

Circus Ride by Jim Paterson

There's a lively arrangement of "Circus Ride" played by the Tandarica Orkestar, a Balkan Circus Band based in Spain. This is their homepage on MySpace - select Circus Ride from the Playlist.

Giant Gnome Productions

A couple of pieces by Jim Paterson have been used on episode 1 of "13th Hour" produced by Giant Gnome Productions. The pieces are:

Original Orchestral "Film Music"

The following three pieces were originally published as separate works. They have been put together as a suite and arranged for brass band by Nigel Hall under the title "Legend of the White Knight" available from MMI Music:

The first public performance of Circus Ride and Sword and Sorcery was given by the Chamber Orchestra of Southern Maryland (or "Cosmic") in their Family Concert on 14th April 2002. Here is an MP3 version of their performance of Circus Ride and the score and parts for these works are available from the links below:

Here is a fun piece of Western "film music" for piano:

Original Ragtime

For our recent "Ragtime" theme, we wanted to show that anyone can have a go at composing in this relatively simple style:

These two pieces are much easier to play:

Music with a religious connection

To tie in with the Church and Christmas music sections on mfiles, here are original pieces with such a theme:

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