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Advertising on the mfiles web-site

While we provide our core content to others for free, giving unlimited access to downloads of sheet music and audio files for personal use, the bottom line is that it costs money to run a website, hosting lots of files and content on web-servers, and keeping our content up-to-date with current technology. Our main means of covering these sometimes unpredictable costs is through advertising.

Our preferred means of advertising is to adopt a low maintenance approach, where our code does not require constant updating. This allows us to concentrate on creating quality content. Our main advertising is done through the Google Adsense programme. If you wish to advertise on our site then this can be done through Google Adwords. However we accept that this might not always meet the needs of potential advertisers, so we do support some forms of bespoke advertising.

Bespoke Advertising on mfiles

Music Files Ltd accepts a variety of advertising on the mfiles web-site. This includes single one-off adverts and promotions which are part of a co-ordinated ad campaign. We can support advertising copy in a variety of formats, in both textual and graphic formats, and in a variety of sizes from small buttons and banners to sponsorship in individual pages. We can also provide a perfect fit for your campaign and your budget, based upon a range of pages with a variety of content, known visitors numbers and search engine placings.

We track our traffic metrics using Google Analytics. Our visitor demographics are broadly based, with a higher than average proportion of young people, and we are happy to share all relevant statistics with prospective advertisers.

Further Details:

We can support a wide range of advertising options, and we like to give our advertisers excellent service and great value. Please contact mfiles advertising with an outline of your requirements, and we will respond with a range of options to meet and hopefully exceed those requirements.

The minimum duration for an ad placement is typically one month, though many of our advertisers are so pleased with our results that they renew on an annual basis.


We do not accept advertising related to gambling or adult themes, and reserve the right to decline any textual or graphic content which is inappropriate to our range of visitors.

We also are very dubious about the proliferation of so-called writers offering "Guest Posts" and "Sponsored Posts" as a means of Promotion. We would only consider such "Posts" where the content is of a high quality and totally relevant to our specialist range of music topics.

News Items:

We also accept for publication smaller new items and notices of musical events. While we can't promise to promote every event, we are happy to support significant musical events of interest to our visitors, so please contact us on mfiles news & events.