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Various Artists - Top Gun CD soundtrack album cover The very hip music of the Axel Foley (or "Axelf") theme is the perfect accompaniment to the wise-cracking lead role in Beverly Hills Cop, which spawned a couple of sequels. The theme is found on many albums of famous film themes and being easy to "sequence" it also finds itself repeated frequently on albums of synthesiser music. The most recent version is the Crazy Frog dance track released as a single in the UK and remaining in the No.1 spot for 4 weeks. (You can learn more about the history of the Crazy Frog on the Wikipedia online encyclopedia.)

Faltermeyer's family in Germany had a number of classically trained musicians. Although Harold clearly inherited a strong interest in music, he also sought to escape from the purely classical world. He became an expert in many of the synthesiser keyboards of the time, and his strong melodic instincts provided an affinity with pop and rock music. His skills and experience caught the attention of Giorgio Moroder and Faltermeyer worked with him on his first score "Midnight Express" and many subsequent projects. The pair collaborated with Donna Summer during the 1980s, while Faltermeyer scored and provided songs for a string of movies.

After a gap of 16 years from film-scoring (to focus on his family), there were rumours that Kevin Smith had persuaded Faltermeyer to score his latest movie "Cop Out" (original title "A Couple of Dicks") starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan. Those rumours have now been confirmed by the release of the official movie trailer which says "Music by Harold Faltermeyer" in the credits. See the trailer here on IMDB.

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