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Alex Wurman - March of the Penguins soundtrack CD cover Alex Wurman was born of musical parents, his father a composer and his mother a violin teacher. Alex followed this family tradition attending the Chicago Academy of Performing Arts High School and then studying composition at the University of Miami. He then moved to Los Angeles to follow a career composing for the visual media, where he started composing for commercials and television. He met the composer Hans Zimmer and for a time worked in Zimmer's extended team of musicians, which gave him the opportunity to exercise his talents on "A League of their Own", "The Lion King" and "Armageddon" as a supporting composer providing orchestrations and "additional music". With his recent lead work on major film projects he has now effectively and very successfully gone solo.

Although he uses a degree of synthesiser technique as with the Zimmer camp, the composer's style has its own distinct voice. A Wurman soundtrack typically excels in playing a subtle melodic role which complements many different film genres. Within that definition, Wurman is easily capable of considerable variety of mood and style which makes his music versatile and always interesting. Alex Wurman's own web-site is at and features some amusing cartoons with a musical theme, and a selection of music from his latest movies including "The Nines", "Talledega Nights", "Homo Erectus" and "A Lot Like Love".

Since the success of "March of the Penguins" Wurman's talents continue to be sought for nature documentaries, and he has scored the movie "The Last Lions" and the documentary TV series "Kingdom of the Oceans".

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Among Alex Wurman soundtracks available on CD you will find the following well worth listening to. Watch out for the "Anchorman" and "Anchorman 2" CDs which have very little of Wurman's music.

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