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Johann Sebastian Bach picture (head) On mfiles we are steadily building up a list of classical composers with biographical details, an overview of their main works, and an understanding of their importance in the development of music. Where possible we will also include examples of well-known music written by those composer, including sheet music, midi and mp3 files. For some more recent composers we are unable to provide sheet music for copyright reasons, but instead we will include links to recordings, videos and other material where you can learn more about the composers. Before looking at our biographies of classical composers, you may wish to take a look at this stunning Classical Composers Poster, and here is our Pinterest Board with images of Classical Composers.

Classical Composers listed on mfiles

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Articles about Classical Composers

We also publish occasional articles about classical composers, including personal views by our contributors or a detailed look at certain aspects of their life and work.

Film Composers with Classical associations (or vice versa)

We don't want to get into a pointless debate about where classical music stops and film music begins, but there are a number of 20th century composers who have been involved in writing film music and also a number of film composers who have written classical music. In addition there are some notable musicians, conductors and interpreters of classical music who also composed for film. Here are some composers who are listed in the film music section but also have an association with classical music, either as a composer or conductor.

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