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Marco Werba - photo Marco Werba was born in Spain, studied various aspects of classical music in Italy, France and the US, and is now based in Rome. As a composer he has written a number of classical concert pieces, including for example his "Adagio for the victims of Auschwitz", "Dark Symphony" and "Symphonic Tango". Werba has always had a strong interest in the medium of film and increasingly he has found opportunities to create film scores, frequently in the Historical Drama and Horror genres. Werba worked as musical assistant to Jerry Goldsmith while he was recording the film score for "Leviathan" in the late 1980s with the "Santa Cecilia Orchestra" in Rome. Around the same time Werba composed his first film score "Zoo", directed by Cristina Comencini and starring Adia Argento, daughter of the director Dario Argento. The music for Zoo won the prestigious Colonna Sonora (or Soundtrack) Award in 1989, when Ennio Morricone and Francis Lai received Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Marco Werba - Giallo soundtrack CD cover Since then the composer has scored a range of historical dramas such as "Il Conte di Melissa", "Amore e libertà - Masaniello" and "Anita - Una Vita per Garibaldi". In more recent years however, Marco Werba has been involved in several films in the Horror and related genres. He has worked twice with director Timo Rose on "Fearmakers" and "Beast". Interestingly Timo Rose had an acting part in "Darkness Surrounds Roberta" which Werba scored for director Giovanni Pianigiani. "Colour from the Dark" is another horror drama directed, this time directed by Ivan Zuccon and based on a short story written by H. P. Lovecraft in 1927 called "The Colour Out of Space". Werba's biggest role to date was scoring the film Giallo for cult horror director Dario Agento. "Giallo" in Italian means "Yellow" though it also refers to a pulp genre encompassing elements of thriller, mystery and crime drama. Giallo was set in Turin and first shown at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2009, though its theatrical release was delayed until 2011 due in part to a legal dispute with actor Adrien Brody.

Marco Werba: The Island of Forgiveness - English film poster Marco Werba has also been involved as an organiser and judge for the Mario Nascimbene Award which is named after the great Italian film composer and awarded to promising film composers in a competition. The composer has also been on the receiving side for several awards, most recently winning the 2011 Globo D'Oro (Italian Golden Globe) for his music score to "Native". Most recently Werba has scored several Italian films including "I Fiori Del Male", "Ballando il Silenzio" and "Fratelli di Sangue" but invariably has further projects lined up. The composer was in London during 2022 to record "The Island of Forgiveness" at Abbey Road's Angel Studios. We have an article on mfiles about the Recording Sessions include the theme song sung by Welsh soprano Ellen Williams. The movie is directed by Ridha Behi and will receive its premiere at the Cairo Film Festival in November 2022.

The composer's official web-site is at

Films by Marco Werba:

  • Zoo - directed by Cristina Comencini and starring Asia Argento, the multi-talented daughter (actress, singer, model, director) of Dario Argento
  • Marco Werba - Amore e Liberta - Masaniello soundtrack CD cover
  • God Willing
  • Il Conte di Melissa (The Count of Melissa)
  • Il Diario Di Un Prete - Vita e Opere di Don Pasquale Uva - directed by Marco Cercaci
  • Amore e Liberta - Masaniello (Love and Freedom) - Werba conducted the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra to record the score, and he also used 2 tracks by Francis Lai
  • Anita - Una Vita per Garibaldi - a love theme recurs throughout the film (and also appears as a song), and the score includes several tracks for guitar including a nice arrangement adapted from a Beethoven Piano Sonata
  • Fearmakers - directed by Timo Rose
  • Darkness Surrounds Roberta - lots of suspense music including the haunting "Roberta's Song" for director Giovanni Pianigiani with Timo Rose playing a role on-screen
  • Marco Werba - The Inflicted soundtrack CD cover
  • Colour from the Dark - for director Ivan Zuccon based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft
  • Timo Rose's Beast - a werewolf movie also directed by Timo Rose
  • Giallo (Yellow) - directed by Dario Argento, with a varied orchestral palette winning the composer a "Fantasy & Horror Award"
  • Braincell
  • Mr. Hush
  • Native - a thriller for director John Real, winning the composer an Italian Golden Globe for the music score
  • Bellerofonte - music by Marco Werba and Fabrizio Scene Greco
  • The Inflicted - with some haunting cello solos and additional music by Nicola Royston
  • Calibro 10
  • I Fiori Del Male
  • Ballando il Silenzio
  • Fratelli di Sangue (Blood Brothers)
  • Pop Black Posta
  • La Grande Guerra del Salento
  • The Island of Forgiveness (L'Ile du Pardon) - see our Article on the Recording Sessions for this film score

Marco Werba Recommendations:

Soundtrack CDs by Marco Werba are relatively rare, but it is worth checking the following links for availability. The first item listed is "The Horror Film World of Marco Werba" which includes the soundtrack to "Darkness Surrounds Roberta" plus additional tracks from "Fearmakers" and "The Ocean" (with orchestral effects).

    The Horror Film World of Marco Werba - soundtrack CD cover
  • The Horror Film World of Marco Werba - or
  • Amore e Liberta - Masaniello - or
  • Il Conte di Melissa -
  • Zoo (a rare demo CD issued by the composer) -
  • Anita - Una Vita per Garibaldi - - see also the Kronos Records website which has 4 sample tracks to download; Kronos have released Werba's recent score for "The Inflicted"; there is also a track listing for "Giallo" (with 6 sample downloads) although the album is not for sale

Marco Werba on the Web:

Marco Werba uses social media websites to promote his music, and a number of film trailers or tracks can be found on youtube. Here are links to some examples either containing the composer's music or related to his film scores.

Marco Werba - Memorabilia:

Here is a CD cover signed by Marco Werba. Click the thumbnail below to see the image full size in a separate window.

Marco Werba: Giallo - signed CD Marco Werba: Giallo - signed 2021 CD