Telemann: 12 Fantasias for Viola by Bryla

Michał Bryła: Telemann Viola Fantasias - album cover Telemann's set of 12 Fantasias for Viola da Gamba Solo were thought lost until 2015 when they and other works by the composer were uncovered. Even in Telemann's day the Viola da Gamba had been largely replaced by modern string instruments. Now the Violist Michał Bryła has transcribed and recorded these works on a modern Viola. More...

Debussy: Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum

Claude Debussy Claude Debussy's Children's Corner is a suite for piano dedicated to his daughter. The final movement Cakewalk is already on mfiles and here we present the first "Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum". We include the original for piano solo, and two arrangements for a variety of instruments with piano accompaniment, all with sheet music (score/parts), video and audio files:

Dvorak - Humoresque No.7

Antonin Dvorak One of Dvorak's most famous works is his Humoresque No.7 from a set of 8 Humoresques Op.101 in different keys, all of which have a light, whimsical nature. No.7 is in G-flat major though there are simpler versions in G major, and arrangements for many different instruments. On mfiles we have 3 versions with sheet music, parts and audio files:

Infinite Stories - Gillian Blair on Sax

Gillian Blair: Infinite Stories - album cover Infinite Stories is the first solo album of saxophonist Gillian Blair. Though very much a personal project, the music selection is instantly accessible and shows off the instrument's considerable stylistic range in the hands of an expert player. The album is highly recommended. More...

Massenet: Méditation from Thaïs

Jules Massenet Jules Massenet (1842–1912) was a French composer most famous for his operas. One of his operas called "Thaïs" has an instrumental movement called "Méditation" which is popular, and frequently heard on its own in concerts and on albums. Here are 3 different versions of this work:

Keyboard music by C. P. E. Bach

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach C. P. E. Bach was the 2nd surviving son of J. S. Bach, a gifted composer who helped bridge from the Baroque to the Classical Era. He was particularly famous for his keyboard music, and here we present some keyboard works with sheet music and audio files:

The Pluralists: Six World Composers

Sofia Gubaidulina: In the Mirror - CD album cover Music in the 20th century seems to have split into a plethora of different schools, styles and "isms". John Caps detects a preference for pluralism, with our best composers drawing on everything that's gone before. His article The Pluralists illustrates this conclusion with a look at six leading composers. More...

Mozart's Menuetto Allegretto

Mozart portrait Mozart's last full symphony is No.41 in C major sometimes called the "Jupiter" Symphony. The 3rd movement is a Minuet and here we present it in 3 different arrangements, each with sheet music score and all parts, plus video, mp3 and midi files:

Elgar: Salut d'Amour

Edward Elgar In 1888 Edward Elgar composed a little piece of music called "Salut d'Amour" (or "Love's Greeting"). This was dedicated to Caroline Alice Roberts who was soon to become his wife. The music was originally for Violin and Piano though Elgar then made multiple arrangements of it for various instruments and groups. On mfiles we now publish sheet music, midi and mp3 files for the following:

Bach: "Little" Organ Fugue in G Minor

Johann Sebastian Bach at the Organ Bach composed several stand-alone fugues for Organ, and this one in G minor (sometimes called the "Little" Gm Fugue) is the most famous. Here we present 4 versions of the fugue, all with sheet music, parts, video and audio files:

Alastair Penman: Soar

Alastair Penman: Soar - music for Sax and Piano - album cover Soar is a classical album featuring the talents of saxophonist Alastair Penman and pianist Jonathan Pease. The album brings together an interesting collection of music, and includes some dazzling displays of virtuoso sax playing. More....

Theme from Brahms' Symphony No.3

Johannes Brahms In total Brahms composed 4 Symphonies, and the theme from the 3rd movement of his Symphony No.3 in F has captured the imagination of other composers and songwriters. Here are 3 arrangements of that theme, with sheet music (score & parts), video and audio files:

Zemlinsky's The Dwarf

Alexander Zemlinsky In his article Zemlinsky's The Dwarf, John Caps reappraises the reputation of Alexander Zemlinsky and his work, with a particular focus on the Opera called "Der Zwerg" or "The Dwarf", based on a story by Oscar Wilde which seemed to hold a special meaning for the composer. More...

Pachelbel's Canon in D - revisited

Johann Pachelbel Pachelbel's Canon in D has so far had just two arrangements on mfiles, and it is time for us to revisit this popular work and provide additional versions. So here we now present a total of 4 arrangements of Pachelbel's Canon in D including the composer's original version:

Death in Classical Music

Saul Tries to Kill David by Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld Handel's "Dead March" is a respectfully solemn processional for the death of Saul, whereas "Dido's Lament" by Purcell is an anguished emotional song as Dido contemplates suicide. Here are the scores and parts for 3 different arrangements of each work:

Igor Stravinsky: 50 Years On

Igor Stravinsky This year marks 50 years since the death of Igor Stravinsky, born in Russia and moving to France and then America and one of the most influential composers of the 20th century. This period was a tumultuous one for classical music, and in this article John Caps assesses Stravinsky's contribution across the distinct phases of his career. More...

Beethoven's 7th, the 2nd movement for piano

Ludwig van Beethoven Beethoven's 7th Symphony is a perennial favourite in concerts. Here's a range of piano arrangements of the 2nd movement. The most difficult is by Franz Liszt who created Piano Transcriptions of all Beethoven's 9 symphonies. A slightly simplified version of Liszt's arrangement we've called "Medium Piano" and a shorter simpler version we've termed "Easy Piano":

Two composers connected to Chopin

John Field - engraving Two composers with a Chopin connection. John Field composed a number of Nocturnes and inspired Chopin to write his own. Carl Filtsch was a young student of Chopin who sadly died at the age of 14. Here is music by both composers (sheet music, parts, midi & mp3):

Tchaikovsky Piano music and Arrangements

Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky In addition to symphonies and ballets, Tchaikovsky composed many pieces for solo piano. Mostly this was at the request of his publisher seeking sales. Here are 3 of his piano pieces, in their original form and also in woodwind arrangements - all with sheet music parts, videos, midi & mp3 files:

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