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Terms and Conditions:

Although some of our source music is public domain, Music Files Ltd holds copyrights on most of the material within the mfiles site, specifically on musical arrangements (whether sheet music, midi or mp3 formats), and in the physical layout and performance aspects of the sheet music and music files. All music files and other content on this site are for personal use only. However the material may be used for non-commercial purposes (e.g. schools or personal web-sites) on the understanding that you provide a credit or link such as "music from". Please ask permission first by emailing mfiles content, describing the intended purpose for the music and quoting your website URL where relevant.

Our music and other material must never be redistributed without permission, either as is or adapted in any way. With the exception of buttons and banners belonging to their respective copyright holders, all the text, graphics and web pages in the mfiles site are also subject to the same conditions except where otherwise indicated. However we value exposure on social websites, so please feel free to "tweet", "+1", "like us", or "pin" our material in a way that promotes or links back to mfiles.

Music Files Ltd can license material for use in other circumstances, e.g. for computer games, web-sites, audio-visual presentations, telephone on-hold systems, film, TV, video, commercials, restaurants, shops, radio, etc. The material can be supplied in a variety of different forms including CD-quality audio files (sent electronically or on CD) and high-resolution printouts in a variety of formats for graphical uses such as posters. Please email mfiles licensing with details of your requirements.

Music and Information Sources:

Music Files Ltd will only publish music when it has the legal right to do so. In many cases the composer of the music has been dead for 70 years or more, in which case the music passes into the public domain (according to European legislation). In other cases we own the copyright on arrangements made of public domain music, or we have permission from the copyright holder to publish the music.

Music Files Ltd uses a wide variety of sources (too numerous to mention here) for the information it publishes about music and composers, including reference books, magazines, television, films, radio, sheet music, records, CDs and other web-sites. In all cases the original material is used as a source of information rather than text. Information is believed to be correct but no guarantee is made on accuracy. Please notify us of any inaccuracies.

Music Files Ltd uses various images to illustrate its articles and site content. While some of these images are owned by Music Files Ltd, many are public domain or have been licensed from various image libraries such as and To avoid infringement visitors should assume that all such images are subject to copyright.

Sibelius and Scorch and various other words are trademarks of Sibelius Software (part of the Avid group). We will use these terms freely throughout the mfiles site. Adobe, Acrobat and Reader are trademarks of Adobe Systems whose products support the "PDF" format. Various other trademarks belonging to other companies may also be used without formal acknowledgement.

Affiliation Schemes and Advertising:

Music Files Ltd participates in a number of Affiliation Schemes whereby we refer site visitors to commercial sites selling products such as Sheet Music Books and digital downloads, MP3 downloads, CDs and other products. The voucher codes service is provided in partnership with another company which also involves participation in Affiliate Schemes.

Music Files Ltd is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Music Files Ltd also participates in the equivalent US-based programme linking to

Music Files Ltd participates in a number of Advertising Schemes such as Google Adsense and utarget. We also accept adverts directly from various companies, and more detail about this service is provided in our Advertising Information page. Together the Affiliation Schemes and Advertising Service provide revenue to offset our costs in providing, supporting and maintaining the mfiles site, and we would urge visitors to support us by using all these services.

MP3 Price Comparison Service:

Please note that we no longer provide the MP3 Price Comparison Services. However the following information about its use will be retained here for a period of time.

The Compare MP3 Prices service is provided by MP3 Puzzled and is subject to their terms and conditions. We aim to provide accurate information on costs across different stores, and accurate search results. However these services are subject to delays in updating the core databases, and depend on the accuracy and consistency of album and track naming across multiple online shopping stores. In some cases identical or similar names can result in confusion when identifying tracks, artists and albums. We recommend that users double-check the track or albums titles and prices before purchase. The purchase itself is subject to the terms and conditions of the individual store. All information and costs listed on mfiles are provided on an "as is" basis and should only be used as a guide.

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