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Hans Zimmer: No Time to Die

Hans Zimmer: No Time to Die - film score album cover No Time to Die is Daniel Craig's last Bond film, but it is the first for composer Hans Zimmer. The musical emphasis has tipped towards action cues but Bond Music fans are amply rewarded with lots of Bond references, including the Billie Eilish Title Song, the Bond Theme itself and themes from "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". More...

Death in Classical Music

Saul Tries to Kill David by Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld Handel's "Dead March" is a respectfully solemn processional for the death of Saul, whereas "Dido's Lament" by Purcell is an anguished emotional song as Dido contemplates suicide. Here are the scores and parts for 3 different arrangements of each work:

Christophe Beck: WandaVision

Christophe Beck Among Christophe Beck's most successful film scores are the "Frozen" movies (with songs by the Lopez duo), and Marvel's "Ant-Man" movies. In a way Beck brought these together with his recent score for Marvel's "WandaVision" for which the Lopez's also wrote the songs. More...

Por Una Cabeza by Gardel & Le Pera

Carlos Gardel "Por Una Cabeza" is a famous Tango Song by Carlos Gardel and Alfredo Le Pera. The title meaning "By a Head", the song tells of a lover who is passionate about women and horse betting. Originally a song, it is mostly heard today in instrumental arrangements. Here we present 3 versions with sheet music and audio files:

Igor Stravinsky: 50 Years On

Igor Stravinsky This year marks 50 years since the death of Igor Stravinsky, born in Russia and moving to France and then America and one of the most influential composers of the 20th century. This period was a tumultuous one for classical music, and in this article John Caps assesses Stravinsky's contribution across the distinct phases of his career. More...

Mozart's Menuetto Allegretto

Mozart portrait Mozart's last full symphony is No.41 in C major sometimes called the "Jupiter" Symphony. The 3rd movement is a Minuet and here we present it in 3 different arrangements, each with sheet music score and all parts, plus video, mp3 and midi files:

Alexandre Desplat: Airlines

Alexandre Desplat: Airlines - album cover Airlines is a concept album from film composer Alexandre Desplat. It features some completely new arrangements based on music from his film scores and some new concert works, all showcasing the talents of flautist Emmanuel Pahud. More...

Beethoven's 7th, the 2nd movement for piano

Ludwig van Beethoven Beethoven's 7th Symphony is a perennial favourite in concerts. Here's a range of piano arrangements of the 2nd movement. The most difficult is by Franz Liszt who created Piano Transcriptions of all Beethoven's 9 symphonies. A slightly simplified version of Liszt's arrangement we've called "Medium Piano" and a shorter simpler version we've termed "Easy Piano":

Elgar: Salut d'Amour

Edward Elgar In 1888 Edward Elgar composed a little piece of music called "Salut d'Amour" (or "Love's Greeting"). This was dedicated to Caroline Alice Roberts who was soon to become his wife. The music was originally for Violin and Piano though Elgar then made multiple arrangements of it for various instruments and groups. On mfiles we now publish sheet music, midi and mp3 files for the following:

Star Trek: Picard by Jeff Russo

Jeff Russo - Star Trek: Picard - TV score album cover Jeff Russo is no stranger to the Star Trek universe having scored 2 seasons of "Discovery". With Star Trek: Picard he brings all his Trek experience together into a character-driven score for the long-awaited return of the Next Generation captain. More...

Keyboard music by C. P. E. Bach

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach C. P. E. Bach was the 2nd surviving son of J. S. Bach, a gifted composer who helped bridge from the Baroque to the Classical Era. He was particularly famous for his keyboard music, and here we present some keyboard works with sheet music and audio files:

A Pair of Glasses - Philip vs. Paul

Philip Glass Two composers called Glass have made significant yet different contributions to the world of Film Music. Looking at the careers of Paul Glass and Philip Glass ("A Pair of Glasses"), John Caps assesses and compares their musical approach to film scoring. More...

The Pluralists: Six World Composers

Witold Lutoslawski: Orchestral Works - CD box set cover Music in the 20th century seems to have split into a plethora of different schools, styles and "isms". John Caps detects a preference for pluralism, with our best composers drawing on everything that's gone before. His article The Pluralists illustrates this conclusion with a look at six leading composers. More...

James Newton Howard: News of the World

James Newton Howard: News of the World - film score album cover News of the World is a latter-day Western movie starring Tom Hanks. The music score by James Newton Howard is partly thematic and partly soundscape with orchestral and solo strings featuring strongly in both roles, from a warm classical violin to a folk-like fiddle. More...

Film Sheet Music

Ramin Djawadi: Game of Thrones - sheet music book cover We've revamped and updated our Film Sheet Music page. It now includes a selection of classical and traditional tracks from the mfiles catalogue which have been used on films. In addition there are links to some of our own downloadable arrangements of film tracks, as well as some newer sheet music book titles. More...

Dario Marianelli: The Secret Garden

Dario Marianelli: The Secret Garden - film score album cover For The Secret Garden composer Dario Marianelli has carefully chosen a palette of orchestral colours and a set of thematic elements. He combines these in inventive ways to create a score which is mysterious and magical and takes us on an exciting journey of discovery. More...

Enola Holmes by Daniel Pemberton

Daniel Pemberton: Enola Holmes - film score album cover Enola Holmes is adapted from the first novel in Nancy Springer's YA series about Sherlock's younger sister. The film's composer Daniel Pemberton imbues the score with a youthful confidence, featuring plenty of action and adventure, plus a whole gamut of moods and emotions. More...

The Black Composer in Films by John Caps

Duke Ellington In his article The Black Composer in Films author John Caps surveys the historical evolution of black composers in the film industry, from initial roles that often emphasised a jazz specialism to a that of the full fledged versatile score composer. More...

Cherry Ripe - Traditional Song

2 Cherries "Cherry Ripe" started as a poem by Robert Herrick (1591–1674) and then became a song with music by Charles Edward Horn (1786–1849). The song became very popular, and is now essentially a traditional folk song. We present the original song, an instrumental alternative for oboe and piano, and an arrangement for piano solo. All versions include sheet music parts, midi, mp3 and videos:

Dario Marianelli: Pinocchio

Dario Marianelli: Pinocchio - film score album cover There are fewer film releases at the moment, but a new live action version of Pinocchio is now hitting our screens. Composer Dario Marianelli has put together a score full of folk instrumentation and melodic invention to bring out the magic of this fairy tale. More...

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