Original Sheet Music

This section contains original sheet music and several arrangements in a variety of styles by a selection of composers, though initially we will present some commercial sheet music by Jim Paterson, the creator of the mfiles website. These can be viewed and downloaded from "Score Exchange" and from "Sheet Music Plus".

Other Sheet Music by Jim Paterson:

Here is a selection of pieces on the Score Exchange website, or search our publisher Music Files Ltd on Score Exchange for a complete up-to-date list of our Sheet Music on Score Exchange.

Others Miscellaneous Sheet Music:

These works are still located on the mfiles server for the moment, but they will be moved to ScoreExchange in due course:

Martin Paterson :

This promising piece by Martin is best described as a soundtrack in the cult horror fantasy genre. Martin is also developing a suitable screen-play.

"Remains from the Past" by Grigor Iliev :

This latest piano piece by Bulgarian composer Grigor Iliev is a Chopinesque jazz improvisation, if you can imagine that. Here is the PDF sheet music and an mp3 recording to download, plus some previous previous piano works by the composer. You can find even more of his music at his website: www.grigoriliev.com.

Johann Erin De Guzman :

Here is the sheet music (in PDF format) of a piano piece by Johann Erin De Guzman: