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Original Sheet Music

This section contains original sheet music, in a variety of styles by various professional and amateur composers. For more sheet music, look at our Classical Sheet Music and Traditional Sheet Music Sections.

"Remains from the Past" by Grigor Iliev :

This latest piano piece by Bulgarian composer Grigor Iliev is a Chopinesque jazz improvisation, if you can imagine that. Here is the PDF sheet music and an mp3 recording to download, plus some previous previous piano works by the composer. You can find even more of his music at his website:

Jim Paterson's music on YouTube :

The first YouTube videos of music by Jim Paterson have been uploaded. If this proves to be popular, then we hope to add more from time to time.

Johann Erin De Guzman :

Here is the sheet music (in PDF format) of a piano piece by Johann Erin De Guzman:

Martin Paterson :

This promising piece by Martin is best described as a soundtrack in the cult horror fantasy genre. Martin is also developing a suitable screen-play.

Jim Paterson :

Since quite a lot of the original music on this site is by Jim Paterson (profile on ScoreExchange), the works have been grouped by category. Some of this music is still on the mfiles site but some has been moved to ScoreExchange (previously "SibeliusMusic").

Graded Sheet Music by Jim Paterson

Here is a small selection of sheet music, mostly for piano or keyboard with some helpful indications of difficult. Since they are on the ScoreExchange site you will also be able to transpose them first if you prefer a different key. Have fun!

Recent Music :

The Latest sheet music on "Score Exchange" is:

Soundtrack :

These are themes suitable for use as background music or title tracks for film, TV or radio.

Jazz, Ragtime or Blues :

This is a very broad category including Jazz, Ragtime, Blues, Gospel and related styles of music.

World and Ethnic music :

This set of tunes may suggest various folk music styles from around the world including the likes of Latin or particularly Celtic music (no surprise given Jim's nationality).

Easy Pop :

Music in this category has something of a pop beat to it.

General :

These works are suitable for particular occasions, or are works in a classical style suitable as pieces for the music student, at easy or moderate levels of difficulty.

Others :

These works are still located on the mfiles server for the moment, but they will be moved to ScoreExchange in due course: