Jim Paterson - Music Portfolio

To showcase music by Jim Paterson, this demo reel has selected tracks mostly composed for mobile games:


And here is music by JayPee on Soundcloud:


These and other Game tracks can be downloaded in MP3 format below. If you are interested in using music like this for commercial purposes, we can be contacted at jim@mfiles.co.uk and jaypee@music-files.com.

True Grit Music Examples

This music was composed for a game launched to tie in with the Coen Brothers' remake of the film "True Grit". Like the new film, the game is darker in tone, going back to the original book for its inspiration. The game has a number of levels set in different environments, and some "mini games", all with different background music.

True Grit - images from the game True Grit - Desert Theme 1
True Grit - Desert Theme 2
True Grit - Snow Theme
True Grit - Town Theme
True Grit Suspense Theme
True Grit - Action Theme

Orchestral Music Examples

Here is a selection of orchestral pieces and some for smaller groups of instruments. Some of these were originally created for games but subsequently arranged for orchestra.

Jolly Roger - the Pirate Flag Dungeon of Magic - a light Harry Potter style track
Fanfare Intro - a short fanfare for an imaginary film company logo
Sailing Folk Melody - originally created for a role-playing pirate game
Sword and Sorcery - 1st movement of Legend of the White Knight suite
Epic Rondo - 2nd movement of Legend of the White Knight suite
Heroic Deeds - 3rd movement of Legend of the White Knight suite
Circus Ride - a light and bouncy theme
Train Ride - suggesting a train's journey
Spartan Heroes - war-like theme with brass and drums
Timpanic Beat - more war-like drums leading to battle
Happy Days - a contrasting pleasant and relaxed track
Itchy Feet Tango - for 2 flutes and pizzicato strings
Lazy Waves - relaxing at the beach, for string orchestra
Sadness in the Rain - for string quartet

A selection of Tracks created for Games

Here is a selection of tracks composed by Jim Paterson for various Games for Mobiles and Websites.

Rock'n'Roll - Game on mobile phone Sherlock Holmes: The Game is Afoot - Holmes theme tune
Deep Water Main Theme - heroic main theme for submarine game
Deep Water Game Loop - background game loop to maintain tension
Conspiracy Theory - Area 51 - Bond-like theme music for the Game
Rock'n'Roll Title Theme - the happy upbeat main theme for rock'n'roll
Rock'n'Roll Underwater Game Loop - Rocky in the underwater levels
Rock'n'Roll Jungle Game Loop - Rocky explores the jungle levels
Rock'n'Roll Mountain Game Loop - for the hillbilly mountain levels
Jewel Factory - Theme suggesting tinkly jewels being created
Team Monster - Zombie Theme - for a fun horror-themed game
Team Monster - Vampire Theme - another theme for the same game
Car Jack Streets - Main Theme - main theme for game based on Grand Theft Auto
Car Jack Streets - Hip Hop Track - car radio track in a hip-hop style
Happy Cowboy - A cowboy themed track
Zombie March - a horror theme using sampled voices
Calypso Cocktail - caribbean feel for an online game for AIWA
Weird Xmas - replaced the main title on the iPhone version of Rock'n'Roll
Car Smash - another whacky game theme, based on a piece called Caper

Some tracks influenced by electronic music

These tracks were also developed for games, but use electronic sounds rather than traditional instruments.

React Theme - an 80s Techno sound for a Tetris type game
Techno Tetris - an unused theme for another Tetris game
Downed Church - an atmospheric piece with an evolving pad sound
Deep Pulse - another atmospheric piece to provide a moody background
Funky Jetski - theme for a Jetski game

Some World Music tracks

A selection of "World" music, some created for a Bollywood style game, and some to be used as library music. These tracks are not "authentic" world music but give an exotic flavour which might range anywhere from the Eastern Mediterranean to India.

Lively Dance
The Seven Veils
Turkish Delight
Eastern Promise
Sitar Mood - a more relaxed track
Indie Mood - another relaxed and meditative track
Ethnic Tune - a "fusion" track of indefinite origin