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Original MP3 Music

This section contains a selection of Original MP3 Music created by a range of composers and artists. The music may be recorded live or created electronically. Check out our Original MIDI Music and Original Sheet Music Sections for more original music.

Maestro Prof. Dr. Emil Khoury :

Emil Khoury Maestro Emil Khoury (song-writer, performer, composer, conductor, music arranger, music analyst, research scholar, and professor of both Western and Middle-Eastern musics) has various works recorded to his credit: the Great Love cantata for H.M the late King Hussein Bin Talal (of Jordan); the Glory Maker cantata for H.M King Abdullah the Second (of Jordan); Our Love Is So Bright pop-rock song for American female singer, Kay Weaver; the soundtracks of the Dive in Aqaba touristic film; and numerous musicals for chamber orchestras, mixed ensembles, feature and documentary films, and TV, Radio, and Satellite stations. Having earned his higher education and lived in the US for so many years, Dr. Khoury has managed to work in two disparate musical worlds (Western and Middle-Eastern) with high verve, versatility, and vivacity. Website:

Here is a selection of music and sheet music by Emil Khoury:

Giridharan Vellore :

Giridharan Vellore Giridharan Vellore (Giri) is an Indian Classical Vocalist and Composer, with 25 years experience on stage as a performing artist. He is multi-lingual speaking 5 Indian languages in addition to English, giving his pronunciation a special clarity and diction. His powerful and melodious voice spans 3 octaves, and he has cut many albums and travelled widely across India giving concerts. Giri has received several awards & titles for his service to music. He is now trying to fuse various genres of Indian Music with Westernised Form of Indian Music to produce a different Indian Music. Here are some of the singer/composer's tracks:

Sangjin Bae :

Poem Sangjin Bae is a 17 year old composer from Korea whose music is inspired by fantasy and mythology, and this is a selection from his impressive portfolio. "The Flying Symphony" is in 4 movements and it examines flying from different aspects, initially from a dynamic and vigorous perspective and then transitioning to a romantic mood which simply enjoys the experience of flying through the sky. Sangjin describes "The Calm Sea Floating Mirage" as the OST of a romantic movie, but with a spiritual or new age core where the human soul achieves fulfillment when it contemplates the sea where life began. The video below is the vocal version of "Poem of a Thousand Years" which takes its inspiration from a Korean folk tale, where a fox with 9 tails waits for a thousand years to become human.

Peter Sammylin Smits :

Peter Smits was born in Antwerp in 1973, and his musical educational has come from reading, listening and self study. The works of Mozart have been a particular inspiration, and Smits' music bears a resemblance to those of the classical composer. Smits' music has been used to support New York's gay parade, and also on an international basis at parties and other events.

His compositions include concertos for two pianos, for tenor & soprano sax, harpsichord, hobo & viola, and for other unusual instruments or combinations of instruments. He has also composed a number of chamber pieces. The examples below are the 3 movements of a clarinet concerto, created electronically:

Giancarlo Scalia :

Giancarlo Scalia is a young Canadian pianist and composer, who has been studying piano and composition for a number of years. At the age of 18 he has given many public recitals and has composed more than 90 pieces. He performs works by Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin and other classical composers, pieces by the film composer Ennio Morricone, and of course his own original compositions. Giancarlo has released two CDs to date and his website at contains biographical details about his career, examples of his classical interpretations and original compositions (including some sheet music). Here is a selection of his original compositions:

Giancarlo Scalia - photograph

Giancarlo Scalia - Sogno d'Amore CD cover

Dan Pinto :

Dan Pinto is a musician and composer who, back in 1998/99 created a feature film called "Die for a Life" so that he could compose its soundtrack. The music for this production is in a modernised version of 70s thriller style. Dan's latest release, "Anomalies" takes his music for film a step further in combining it with Progressive Jazz-Rock Fusion. This new CD defines the unique style that Dan has developed over the years. Below you will find sample tracks from both of these albums, or browse the Dan Pinto website for an in depth look at this interesting artist.

Dan Pinto - Die for a Life album cover

Dan Pinto - Anomalies album cover

Vsevolod Shcherbakov:

Vsevolod V. Shcherbakov Vsevolod Shcherbakov has been playing piano and violin since the age of 5. By the age of 15 he fell in love with modern electronic sound and melodic rock. Later he spent lots of time improvising on various themes and became quite strong as an improviser. Now he tries to combine the best elements of classical, electronic, progressive, rock and film music in his compositions. His main purpose is to get through to the listener's mind and touch his deepest emotional strings with his music. He is rather fruitful as an improviser and composer. He is eager to know your opinion on his stuff and is open to any form of co-operation. You can download one of Vsevolod Shcherbakov's pieces using the link below, and you can find more of his music at this showcase page.

The Locks of Rhone by Denny Cheetham :

Here is an mp3 file of a wonderfully evocative piece of music called The Locks of Rhone (5Mb download). The composer Denny Cheetham writes:

"The Locks of Rhone" was inspired by the resonating mettalic sound of the enormous locks on the river Rhone - they seem to "sing" to you as you're rising up in them. I made a mental note of the sounds, then when I got back from my holiday I started working on the piece. The first 6 notes are what I notated from the actual sound of the lock. The piece starts with these 6 notes showing the sound of one of the locks as we were rising. I felt quite claustrophobic in them so I tried to convey this in the first part of the music. Once we reach the top of the lock the music changes and I wrote a steady beat to portray the humming of boat's engine as we sailed along. The melody on top of this tries to convey the "feel good factor" as we were sailing along! There were many instances when one of us would see something and point it out with a "Wow - look at that!" and I tried to convey this with the French Horns "jabbing" their chords into the music on several off-beats.

Before the climax at the end of the piece you'll hear a very subdued section. It's more or less the "Lock theme" but played very slowly. We arrived at one particularly large lock one evening and were too late to go through it, so we spent a quiet night moored in front of it. I must confess to feeling quite nervous about the thought of the following morning having to go up in this enormous lock. This quiet piece of music is the "calm before the storm"! The ending is a slightly more elaborated version of the Lock theme as we enter the enormous lock and rise... and rise... and rise....!

Martin Paterson :

This promising piece by Martin is best described as a soundtrack in the cult horror fantasy genre. Martin is also developing a suitable screen-play.

Conquering Spree :

With films such as Gladiator, Troy and Alexander in mind "Conquering Spree" was composed as a Roman-style March and scored originally for 3 horns and tuba. T. G. McLean (an indie filmmaker) used this theme as the basis for an heuristic exercise to create film music. The result is the following version, using Intuem and a Roland digital piano.

Jim Paterson :

Since quite a lot of the original music on this site is by Jim Paterson, the works have been grouped by category.

Soundtrack :

These are themes suitable for use as background music or title tracks for film, TV or radio.

Jazz, Ragtime or Blues :

This is a very broad category including Jazz, Ragtime, Blues, Gospel and related styles of music.

World and Ethnic music :

This set of tunes may suggest various folk music styles from around the world including the likes of Latin or particularly Celtic music (no surprise given Jim's nationality).

Easy Pop :

Music in this category has something of a pop beat to it.

General :

These works are suitable for particular occasions, or are works in a classical style suitable as pieces for the music student, at easy or moderate levels of difficulty.