Other sites offering sheet music:

  • Music Files our parent company has this page dedicated to original sheet music and arrangements, including Classical and Film Themes.
  • ScoreExchange is a great source of online sheet music, both original compositions and arrangements for all instruments and groups.
  • Music Scores offers sheet music to view and sample before printing online.
  • Sheet Music Plus has a huge collection of Sheet Music.
  • Virtual Sheet Music® has quite a lot of classical and traditional works with some free titles.

There are many guides and libraries of free sheet music on the net, these being some of the most comprehensive such catalogues:

And still more sites offering Sheet Music in various formats:

  • cipoo.net is dedicated to choral music, with free Sheet Music, MIDI and MP3 files, and some free software to give feedback on tuning and intonation!
  • Blank Sheet Music .net has a free and easy-to-use interface which allows you to customise many different kinds of blank sheet music, including guitar and bass tabs.
  • Cabot Sheet Music provides "off the record" transcriptions of pop, rock or jazz music for small group, big band and piano/vocal.
  • Amis Musical Circle is a music publishing company and retailer providing quality arrangements and compositions prepared by Kenneth Amis for brass, woodwind, strings, bands and ensembles.
  • The Creativity Institute provides educational toys to encourage creativity in children, including toy pianos and musical instruments, articles on child creativity and music with links to free sheet music.
  • Great Scores is a sheet music web site with sheet music, biographies, guides and more - and it also uses the Sibelius scorch plug-in.
  • Note Perfect provides training aids to assist individuals and choirs to learn the notes for a variety of choral music pieces from the classical repertoire.
  • Gonzaga Music is an independent publishing house with a large catalogue of original sheet music covering a wide range of instruments and abilities.
  • Sheet Music Search is an excellent tool which allows you to search for Sheet Music across multiple online sites.
  • Piano Techniques Learn to improvise and become a better piano player. 26 piano techniques to help you become a great pianist.
  • Notes-Helper.com has free software which let's you synchronise any audio file with sheet music in any graphic format.
  • Brass Music Online - Printable brass sheet music and custom arrangements for any instrument or ensemble. Downloadable sheet music in high PDF quality.
  • Easy Duets, Sheet Music for Schools, Musical Instrument Students - Easy duets, sheet music for schools, music in education and concerts. Simple music pieces for sale, ideal for instrumental students.
  • Just Sheet Music is a huge index of sheet music on the web (with 2 million links) - search for music titles and composers, or browse by category, genre or instrument.
  • Artandscores.com - Own composition sheets music, works for different groups and interpreters. Several of them are included in the repertoire of various instrumental specialties of the Royal Professional Conservatory of Music of Almeria - Spain.
  • Trove Music - Original compositions by guitarist composer Mark Viggiani and transcriptions and arrangements of music originally for lute, baroque guitar, keyboards, strings, harp and voice.

And finally if you are interested in the various different methods for representing music, Gerd Castan has a comprehensive Index of Music Notation methods and formats.

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