Original MIDI Music

This section contains a selection of Original MIDI Music created by a range of composers and in a range of different styles. Check out our Original MP3 Music and Original Sheet Music Sections for more original music.

Keith Theodosiou

This piano piece called "Legend of the Argonauts" is written in the classical style by composer Keith Theodosiou.

Michael Fonos

Michael Fonos from Poland has composed a selection of midi tracks, some inspired by fantasy books or imaginary films.

  • The City of Ember - inspired by the book by Jeanne Duprau:
  • The Messenger - an electronic background with percussion, strings and choir
  • The New World - the children move from the land of darkness
  • End Credits Suite - includes an arrangement of "Tango" by Jim Paterson

Original Ragtime:

Ragtime continues to be a popular choice of music, and we are please to present an original two-step rag:

And here is a reminder of another original rag in our catalogue:

Mike Sekuloff:

The following MIDI files have been contributed by Mike Sekuloff from Canada. They appear to be both ambient and programmatic in nature, perhaps best described as "Stream of Consciousness", borrowing stylistically from Classical, Film and World genres. More music by Mike is available from his mp3.com site.

Jared Boice :

Here are some interesting Progressive MIDI tracks sent in by Jared Boice:

  • Battle Hymn - seems to have a celtic connection
  • Dark Siege - an atmospheric suspense track
  • Epic - well-rounded yet enigmatic
  • Final - a solo piano work
  • My Valentine - plenty of track-building movement
  • Peniel - turn up the bass and watch for the deep rumbles
  • RedGloom - a rock band after too much Red Bull

Martin Paterson :

This promising piece by Martin is best described as a soundtrack in the cult horror fantasy genre. Martin is also developing a suitable screen-play.

Jim Paterson :

Since quite a lot of the original music on this site is by Jim Paterson, the works have been grouped by category.

Music for Mobile Games

Jim Paterson, who maintains the mfiles web-site, has recently been composing music for mobile phone games. Many of the latest mobile phones are "polyphonic" and can play music in midi format. Jim's article about some of the issues facing such composers was published by "Midlet-Review". The following midi files have not been used in any games but represent examples of typical midi loops for Games. Please note that the balance has been adjusted to compensate for the relative weakness of bass sounds from the small speakers used in mobile phones.

Soundtrack :

These are themes suitable for use as background music or title tracks for film, TV or radio.

Jazz, Ragtime or Blues :

This is a very broad category including Jazz, Ragtime, Blues, Gospel and related styles of music.

World and Ethnic music :

This set of tunes may suggest various folk music styles from around the world including the likes of Latin or particularly Celtic music (no surprise given Jim's nationality).

Easy Pop :

Music in this category has something of a pop beat to it.

General :

These works are suitable for particular occasions, or are works in a classical style suitable as pieces for the music student, at easy or moderate levels of difficulty.