Franz Schubert : The Trout (Die Forelle) - vocal and instrumental versions

One of Franz Schubert's most popular songs is "The Trout" or "Die Forelle" in the original German version. The composer re-used the melody in the 4th movement of his Piano Quintet which is now understandably known as The Trout Quintet. A characteristic of the piano accompaniment for this song is the rippling effect which suggests the river tumbling over stones where the trout is swimming. We have included the original German lyrics with the song (in the score and the vocal parts notated in the treble clef or bass clef), although there are also translations available in English and other languages. The song can also be played as an instrumental with a solo instrument playing the vocal part and with the same piano accompaniment. We have included representative instrumental parts for Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon and Viola though a range of alternative instruments can also play these same parts. The playback and the downloadable MIDI and MP3 versions play the clarinet version.

There are a number of editions of Schubert's Songs or "Lieder" available for different vocal ranges. Here is volume 1 for high voice from Music Room and here is a collection of Schubert Songs for medium voice from Sheet Music Plus.

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