Rocking Carol - traditional Czech Carol, arranged for guitar by Glenn Jarrett

Here is Glenn Jarrett's guitar arrangement of the Christmas Carol "Little Jesus Sweetly Sleep". The tune is of Czech origin and is also known as "The Rocking Carol". The melody has a child-like quality reminiscent of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Piano). The words (of adoration - please look them up) are being sung to the infant Jesus while he is being gently rocked to sleep in his cradle. Following a short (two bar) introduction, the arrangement consists of a single verse presented in chordal style. A short outro in 3/4 time has been added straight after the verse to suggest the gentle rocking motion of the cradle. Anticipating that children may enjoy singing the carol at Christmastime activities, a suggested chordal accompaniment is also provided. The chords may be strummed on the guitar to accompany a voice or melodic instrument such as a flute or oboe - see this arrangement for Flute and Guitar. Glenn adds: 'The piece is simple but not as easy to play as it first looks. It challenges the performer to interpret the tune unhurriedly and soothingly in order to convey the adoration of the holy infant as he is being lovingly rocked to sleep.'

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