Rocking Carol - traditional Czech Carol, for flute & guitar by Glenn Jarrett

Here is Glenn Jarrett's alternative arrangement for flute & guitar of the Christmas Carol "Little Jesus Sweetly Sleep". The tune is of Czech origin and is also known as "The Rocking Carol". The melody has a child-like quality reminiscent of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Piano). The words (of adoration - please look them up) are being sung to the infant Jesus while he is being gently rocked to sleep in his cradle. Following a short (two bar) introduction on guitar, the arrangement consists of a single verse presented for flute accompanied by guitar chords. A short guitar outro in 3/4 time has been added straight after the verse to suggest the gentle rocking motion of the cradle. Anticipating that children may enjoy singing the carol at Christmastime activities, a suggested chordal accompaniment is also provided. See also Glenn's arrangement of this carol for Guitar Solo.

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