Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart : Clarinet Concerto in A major K.662 (2nd movement)

Mozart's Clarinet Concerto in A major is one of the most famous wind concertos in the repertoire, and in fact it was the last work he completed. The 2nd or slow movement in particular frequently appears on albums of relaxing or "chill-out" classical music, and has been used on films such as "Out of Africa". The work was originally composed for Basset Clarinet, an instrument with a few extra keys capable of lower notes than the traditional clarinet. However it is normally played on a modern "Clarinet in A". The video below lets you see the sheet music being played in Sibelius, and below that you can play the mp3 file and see the sheet music before downloading.

In concertos the soloist is the star, and can add elements of individuality to their performance. In this movement for example the solo clarinet would be expected to show off by playing a cadenza where the pause appears in bar 59. We have included a small example cadenza in this mfiles version, and the sheet music is included in the Solo Clarinet Part. However the clarinetist should feel free to create their own cadenza and experiment with other changes. For practicing you may find our arrangement of this movement for Clarinet and Piano useful.

The parts for printing are for Flutes, Bassoons, Trumpets in D, 1st Violins, 2nd Violins, Violas, Cellos and Basses. Here are the Full Conductor's score and the solo part for Clarinet in A.

If you have a B-flat clarinet, the full concerto for clarinet and piano is available from the Music Room.

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