Mozart : Clarinet Concerto (2nd movement) arranged for clarinet and piano

Mozart's Clarinet Concerto in A major is one of the most famous wind concertos in the repertoire. It often appears in the top ten lists of favourite music, and the slow 2nd movement for example has been used in films such as "Out of Africa". Originally composed for Basset Clarinet, an instrument which could reach lower notes by way of a few extra keys, it is normally played on a modern "Clarinet in A".

The full version of this movement can be found in our Orchestral Score, but this arrangement has the orchestral parts arranged into a "piano reduction". This makes it easier to practice when you don't have a full orchestra available! Note that our example cadenza has been included in the solo part, but this is only an example so feel free to experiment with your own cadenza or other small changes. When playing with an orchestra it is possible for the soloist to take a break during those orchestral sections marked "Tutti" but, since the clarinet has the main melody, it is best to play everything when practicing with a pianist.

Midi and Mp3 versions can be played from the left-hand menu. The solo part for Clarinet in A is identical to the solo part with full orchestra, and in this version the pianist should play from the Piano Score which also includes the clarinet part so that a teacher can follow and help a clarinet student. If you have a B-flat Clarinet, then you can play the same part, but it will sound a semi-tone higher. So the accompanying pianist should play this Transposed Piano Score. Also for B-flat clarinet, the full concerto is available from the Music Room.

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