Gaudete (Rejoice) : traditional Christmas Carol - sheet music, midi & mp3

"Gaudete" is an old Christmas Carol which was first published in 1582 in a Scandinavian collection of hymns called Piae Cantiones. This original score contains the main melody of the song's Chorus in standard 4-part harmony, and our piano version includes an adaptation of the liturgical sounding music commonly used for the Verses. Gaudete in Latin translates as "Rejoice" and the carol was reasonably well-known until the early 1970s when its popularity was given a huge boost when the English folk-rock group Steeleye Span released an 'a cappella' recording. Since then the carol is regularly heard around Christmas time in the UK, and further recordings have been released by many popular and operatic artists. Download the piano Sheet Music, Midi file or Mp3 file.

For other instruments we have more sheet music for Guitar (with Tabs and Chords), Main (Flute, Violin, etc. in C), High (Oboe, Flute, Piccolo, etc. in C), Bass (Bassoon, Cello, Trombone, etc. using bass clef in C), Clar (Clarinet or Trumpet in B-flat), Horn (Cor Anglais or French Horn in F, Alto Sax and Viola, and an corresponding Piano Accompaniment with guitar chords.

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