Frog Round: a Children's Song arranged for Woodwind Quartet - Sheet Music

The "Frog Round" or "What a Queer Bird" is a children's folk song which is sung as a round. The clever lyrics seem to comment on a frog's capabilities in the eyes of a bird. The music is also quite quirky with big intervals and syncopation which can make the song quite tricky for younger children, and instrument players will need a little practice to play it perfectly. In the score the clarinet is shown in the key of C to better illustrate the round, but the clarinet part itself is notated in B-flat as expected. Of couse other combinations of instruments can also play the round, such as a traditional string quartet where each instrument can play in a different octave. The score and parts for the woodwind version (plus midi and mp3 files) are listed in the left-hand menu, and for string quartet here are the String quartet score, 1st violin part, 2nd violin part, viola part and cello part. On youtube you can find the following video of the song using electronic voices to play the parts. On mfiles we also have an alternative version of the round for Piano with 2 parts.

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