The Birch Tree (Beriozka) a Russian Folk Song - piano sheet music, midi & mp3

The Birch Tree is a very old traditional Russian Folk Song. The Russian name is usually written as "Beriozka", "Berezka" or "Beroza" and in English the song is sometimes called "In The Field Stood a Birch Tree". The classical composer Tchaikovsky used the melody in the last movement of his 4th Symphony, and the film composer Dario Marianelli used the song in his music for the film "Anna Karenina". In this youtube video you can hear a folk dance version of the melody.

The arrangement of "The Birch Tree" we provide here is for piano with 3 verses gradually adding more notes for the right hand. You can download the sheet music in PDF format for printing, or the MIDI and MP3 versions. Other Russian Folk Songs are listed in the left hand menu.

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