Korobeiniki or Korobushka (Tetris theme) a Russian Folk Song - for piano

"Korobeiniki" (also called Korobushka) is a traditional Russian Folk Song whose title means "Peddlers". Korobeiniki was originally a poem written in 1861 by Nikolay Nekrasov, which quickly became popular in song format. In the West the melody is best known as the theme for the game "Tetris" which was originally released for the Gameboy. This arrangement is for piano solo, and includes an element of getting faster and faster, a device used on a number of recordings of the song. Our piano arrangement can be downloaded as sheet music, or as mp3 or midi files using the links on the left-hand menu. On youtube you will find many versions of the original song and we recommend listening to Korobeiniki sung by the Red Army Choir and this uncredited version of Korobushka.

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