Henry Purcell : Dido's Lament from the opera "Dido and Aeneas"

"Dido's Lament" is the popular name for the aria called "When I am Laid in Earth" from the opera "Dido and Aeneas". The opera's music is by Henry Purcell and the libretto by Nahum Tate. The aria comes towards the end of the opera (Act 3) and is sung by a Soprano playing the title character of Dido. The song is an outpouring of anguish from Dido who takes her own life. The emotional impact of the scene is often attributed in part to the descending semitones which play through much of the song's accompaniment. Given its associations with death and sadness, versions of the song are often heard at Funerals and Remembrance Services. The music has also featured in movies, most recently in "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3" when the young Rocket finds out that he and his pals will be killed by their creator.

The music on this page is based on Purcell's original score, with Full Score and the parts for Soprano (Dido), 1st Violins, 2nd Violins, Violas, Cellos (and optional Basses) and a Harpsichord Realisation of the Basso Continuo part. Video, midi and mp3 versions can also be found below or from the left-hand menu.

In addition to this original version, on the mfiles website we also have arrangements of Dido's Lament for Soprano (or Oboe as an instrumental) with Piano and for Piano Solo.

Dido's Lament by Purcell - Video

Here is a video of Dido's Lament by Purcell:

Dido's Lament by Purcell - MP3 & Midi files

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Dido's Lament by Purcell - Sheet Music

The image below is the first page of the sheet music, and here you can download the full sheet music for Dido's Lament by Purcell in PDF format.

Dido's Lament by Purcell - sheet music 1st page