Let's All Go Down the Strand by C. W. Murphy and Harry Castling - sheet music

Stanley Holloway: let's 'ave a banana - compilation album cover "Let's All Go Down the Strand (have a banana!)" is a popular song written in 1909 by Clarence Wainwright Murphy (1875–1913) and Harry Castling (1865–1933). The Strand is a street in London which had a popular music hall called the "Gaiety Theatre", and the street had a reputation for being the place for a lively night out. The phrase "Have a Banana!" is not a part of the original song lyrics, but it fits perfectly with a melodic fragment in the song's accompaniment. It is not clear when the phrase was first introduced, but it has certainly helped the song's popularity, becoming an inseparable part of it and something of a Cockney catch-phrase. The song has since become a firm part of London culture and beyond. The pop group Blur included cover versions of "Let's All Go Down the Strand" and Daisy Bell on CD2 of their extended single release "Sunday, Sunday".

The sheet music below is the original piano/vocal song arrangement of "Let's All Go Down the Strand" complete with lyrics. The midi playback uses a clarinet because midi cannot synthesise a voice. You can also download the sheet music, midi and mp3 files using the links in the left-hand menu.

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