James Scott : Grace and Beauty (A Classy Rag) - sheet music, midi & mp3

James Scott (1885-1938) was 18 years younger than Scott Joplin, but the two men met from time to time, and Joplin introduced James Scott to his own publisher: John Stillwell Stark. Scott went on to become a successful ragtime composer creating works like the Frogs Legs Rag in 1906 and this one "Grace and Beauty" in 1909. The work is also referenced on a tombstone erected at Scott's grave by the James Scott Memorial Society. The inscription reads "The Grace and Beauty of his music will live always".

You can download the sheet music, midi and mp3 versions of "Grace and Beauty" using the links on the left hand menu. Here is a video of the piece being played. Scroll down to see the Sheet Music.

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