Early One Morning (arranged for oboe and piano by Jim Paterson)

"Early One Morning" is a traditional English Folk Song, which is sometimes known as "The Lamenting Maid" or "The Lovesick Maid". The song comes in a few different variations but the lyrics are always about a maid (or young woman) who is lamenting about or worried about the fidelity of her lover. Lyrics for the song were first documented in 1787 but the song probably predates this first publication by many years. The song has appeared in many forms in both classical culture and popular culture. The English composer Benjamin Britten wrote an arrangement of it as did the Australian Percy Grainger. The song has also appeared in a number of television shows in the UK and the US, in Canada it was the theme tune for "The Friendly Giant", and Eva Cassidy adapted the lyrics for a song track which appeared on her album "Somewhere".

This arrangement is for Oboe and Piano although others instruments such as Flute or Violin can be substituted for the Oboe. Sheet Music can be downloaded in PDF format for the Oboe Part and the Score including Piano accompaniment. In addition you can download MIDI and MP3 versions. We also have an alternative arrangement of the Song for arranged for Solo Piano.

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