Carol of the Bells by Mykola Leontovych, arranged for clarinet and piano

"Carol of the Bells" is a choral work composed by the Ukrainian composer Mykola Dmytrovych Leontovych (1877-1921). He based the music on a traditional Ukrainian folk chant called Shchedryk (meaning "bountiful") and associated with the New Year. In English the song is called either "Carol of the Bells" or "Ring, Christmas Bells" and it is often sung by a chorus "a capella" (unaccompanied). The composer created a number of versions of the song depending on the nature of the choir, and other versions have been created in different languages. The main feature of the carol is the "ostinato" chant - a repeating pattern of 4 notes which continues throughout the piece. It is a popular Christmas Song and the American-Ukranian composer Peter Wilhousky created the version in English which is known as "Carol of the Bells" which has been used on several films including the Christmas film Home Alone.

This arrangement for solo instrument and piano is by Jim Paterson. It is illustrated here for clarinet and piano, but we have included sheet music to allow other instruments to substitute for the clarinet. In all cases the piano should play from the Sheet Music Score. Here is the Clarinet Part (which can also be played by a trumpet in B-flat). In addition we have the following alternative parts for instruments in C: Main, High and Basss in F: Horn1 (Cor Anglais) or Horn2 (French Horn)s in E-flat: Sax (Alto Saxophone) and for Viola: Viola (alto clef). We also have an arrangement of the carol for Piano Solo.

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