Van Morrison: At The Movies

Van Morrison - At The Movies CD collection cover When Martin Scorsese chose "Comfortably Numb" for his oscar-winning film "The Departed" last year, he was following the example set by many previous film directors. Van Morrison's songs have graced many films over his long and successful career. So many films have benefitted from his music that it would require a very large album to contain them all. "At The Movies" is an excellent selection of his best movie songs to highlight this significant though sometimes overlooked part of his cultural contribution. To mention just a few examples, there is a live and previously unreleased recording of "Moondance" (as used on "An American Werewolf in London"), "Caravan" from "The Last Waltz", as well as "Gloria" and "Baby Please Don't Go" as sung by "Them" on "The Outsiders" and "Wild at Heart" respectively. The complete track list is given below and includes some live and rare recordings. Here are links to a videostream of Van singing "Days Like This" (used on the Jack Nicholson film "As Good as it Gets"):

Van Morrison: At The Movies is an excellent collection of tracks by a single artist whose songs have contributed significantly to many different soundtracks over a number of years. The album is available from and

Track listing:

Van Morrison's UK tour continues in April with the following dates:

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