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Escapade Velocity - from the SG Sound

The SG Sound - Escapade Velocity soundtrack CD You might have heard music from the previous albums from the SG Sound - The Pleasure Center and Planet Twist. If so you will feel at home with "Escapade Velocity" which is also based on those fun sounds of the 60s. On this occasion there seems to be more emphasis on pop science fiction and outer space adventures. The 60s was a time of space-age hope for many people - it was the decade which saw the emergence of Doctor Who and Star Trek, and NASA's ambitious Apollo programme. This fuelled a lot of pulp sci-fi stories, but it's those nostalgic 60s sounds which give these themes the retro-chic feel. The title track "Escapade Velocity" of the new album is very much a cocktail lounge track with its lush strings. "Sirens of Venus" and "The Long Horizon" from Planet Twist also make a re-appearance, and there are a number of remixes of familiar Star Wars themes, from "The Imperial March" to the "Cantina Band" and "The Force Theme". All of these are given the future-retro treatment by the SG Sound, with its acoustic percussion kits, brass stabs from the horn sections, funky bass lines and most of all its classic guitar sounds.

Bringing the space age inspirations more up to date, we also have arrangements of the "Firefly Theme" and "First Contact". Nostalgia seems to inspire a lot of creativity these days, take the comic book style of The Incredibles for example with its jazzy music composed by Michael Giacchino. With this demand out there, Steve Greaves continues to find a home for his style of music. The Mad Men TV series is another excellent example of art looking at the past from a new angle, and the music of The SG Sound is used on this site for the Mad Men DVD.

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Escapade Velocity - track listing:

  • Escapade Velocity
  • The Imperial March: Darth Vader's Theme
  • First Contact
  • Satellite Feeding
  • The Long Horizon
  • The Cantina Band
  • Banditos De Las Estrellas
  • The Force Theme
  • Sirens of Venus
  • Red Desert Springs
  • Firefly Theme
  • I Feel the Earth Move