John Williams - Star Wars Trilogy

John Williams - Star Wars Trilogy album CD cover The original Star Wars films were truly groundbreaking. Conceived by George Lucas as a set of 9 movies starting with episodes 4, 5 and 6, this was story-telling on a grand scale with scope for prequels and sequels. The associated merchandising created a whole industry of models, toys, games and other tie-ins. The films used a lot of technically challenging special effects, and of course John Williams' music was credited with a substantial revival of the large orchestral film score. The music plays throughout most of the film (since little dialogue is required during space battles!) and it is grand symphonic story-telling in its own right. The music is great fun for the family audience, with loads of exciting fanfares and marches. It also fills the gaps that the visuals can only hint at in terms of the underlying emotional aspects of the story, from the subtle relationships between the characters to the more obvious distinctions between the good guys and the bad guys. The music is rich in thematic motifs both long and short (full themes and simple figures) which are deployed throughout the films as a familiar frame of reference, joining scenes, segments and films into a single flowing tapestry.

The soundtrack for the first film surprised everyone with sales figures for its initial release. This and subsequent soundtracks introduced us to all the familiar music for the series - the Star Wars main theme, the Force theme and the Empire theme, with many of the main characters getting their own associated themes - Leia, Yoda, the Ewoks, and the Emperor. Some of the soundtrack consists of "source music" meaning that it is played by characters in the film rather than background music. It was probably a shock to most of us to learn that John Williams composed these pieces too and not the Ewoks or the alien creatures in the Cantina Band! Highlights from the first film alone include the tension building of the space battle before the final destruction of the Death Star, the delicate orchestration of Leia's theme, the Cantina Band's wacky jazzy ragtime mix, and the heroic final march in the Throne Room. The first soundtrack also confidently puts in place certain non-thematic trade marks for the following films: no sooner does the 20th Century Fox fanfare finish than a full tutti chord by the London Symphony Orchestra heralds the main Star Wars fanfare and march. The music for the final scene always flows immediately into the End Titles which reiterate the Main Theme and conclude the film, as though a TV series were saying "to be continued...".

Star Wars: A Musical Journey - piano sheet music The latest album releases coincide with the release of the 3 original trilogy films on DVD for the first time, and serve as a warm-up for the 6th film (episode 3) which is due to go on general release in 2005 depicting the events leading Anakin to fall into the Dark Side as he becomes Darth Vader. Each album is a double CD deluxe edition with additional material in the form of holograms, posters, screen-savers and web-pages. The releases are "newly remastered" but not fundamentally different in content from the special editions brought out in the 90s which some people may have already. However they are the perfect gift for any fans who haven't yet added these films to their CD collection. The individual film soundtracks are available separately as well as the Trilogy package containing all three film scores. See these links:

Pianists will also be interested to learn that there is a collection of all the best music from the 6 Star Wars films called Star Wars: A Musical Journey available from the MusicRoom and other online stores.

Episode IV: A New Hope - Track Listing

CD1 Track listing:

    John Williams - Star Wars Episode 4 album CD cover
  • 20th Century Fox Fanfare - by Alfred Newman
  • Main Title/Rebel Blockade Runner
  • Imperial Attack
  • The Dune Sea of Tatooine/Jawa Sandcrawler
  • The Moisture Farm
  • The Hologram/Binary Sunset
  • Landspeeder Search/Attack Of The Sand People
  • Tales of a Jedi Knight/Learn About the Force
  • Burning Homestead
  • Mos Eisley Spaceport
  • Cantina Band
  • Cantina Band #2
  • Archival Bonus Track: Binary Sunset (Alternate)

CD2 Track listing:

  • Princess Leia's Theme
  • The Millennium Falcon/Imperial Cruiser Pursuit
  • Destruction of Alderaan
  • The Death Star/The Stormtroopers
  • Wookie Prisoner/Detention Block Ambush
  • Shootout in the Cell Bay/Dianoga
  • The Trash Compactor
  • The Tractor Beam/Chasm Crossfire
  • Ben Kenobi's Death/Tie Fighter Attack
  • The Battle of Yavin (Launch from the Fourth Moon/X-Wings Draw Fire/Use the Force)
  • The Throne Room/End Title

Episode V: The Empire Stikes Back - Track Listing

CD1 Track listing:

    John Williams - Star Wars Episode 5 album CD cover
  • 20th Century Fox Fanfare - by Alfred Newman
  • Main Title/The Ice Planet Hoth
  • The Wampa's Lair/Vision Of Obi-Wan/Snowspeeders Take Flight
  • The Imperial Probe/Aboard The Executor
  • The Battle of Hoth (Ion Canon/Imperial Walkers/Beneath the AT-AT/Escape in the Millennium)
  • The Asteroid Field
  • Arrival on Dagobah
  • Luke's Nocturnal Visitor
  • Han Solo And The Princess
  • Jedi Master Revealed/Mynock Cave
  • The Training Of A Jedi Knight/The Magic Tree

CD2 Track listing:

  • Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)
  • Yoda's Theme
  • Attacking A Star Destroyer
  • Yoda And The Force
  • Imperial Starfleet Deployed/City In The Clouds
  • Lando's Palace
  • Betrayal at Bespin
  • Deal With The Dark Lord
  • Carbon Freeze/Darth Vader's Trap/Departure of Boba Fett
  • The Clash of Lightsabers
  • Rescue from Cloud City/Hyperspace
  • The Rebel Fleet/End Title

Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi - Track Listing

CD1 Track listing:

    John Williams - Star Wars Episode 6 album CD cover
  • 20th Century Fox Fanfare - by Alfred Newman
  • Main Title/Approaching The Death Star/Tatooine Rendezvous
  • The Droids Are Captured
  • Bounty for A Wookiee
  • Han Solo Returns
  • Luke Confronts Jabba/Den Of The Rancor/Sarlacc Sentence
  • The Pit of Carkoon/Sail Barge Assault
  • The Emperor Arrives/The Death of Yoda/Obi-Wan's Revelation
  • Alliance Assembly
  • Shuttle Tydirium Approaches Endor
  • Speeder Bike Chase/Land Of The Ewoks
  • The Levitation/Threepio's Bedtime Story
  • Source Music: Jabba's Baroque Recital
  • Jedi Rocks
  • Archival Bonus Track: Sail Barge Assault (Alternate)

CD2 Track listing:

  • Parade Of The Ewoks
  • Luke and Leia
  • Brother and Sister/Father and Son/The Fleet Enters Hyperspace/Heroic Ewok
  • Emperor's Throne Room
  • The Battle Of Endor (Into the Trap/Forest Ambush/Scout Walker Scramble/Prime Weapon Fires)
  • The Lightsaber/The Ewok Battle
  • The Battle of Endor II (Leia is Wounded - The Duel Begins/Overtaking the Bunker/The Dark Side Bekons/The Emperor's Death)
  • The Battle of Endor III (Superstructure Chase/Darth Vader's Death/The Main Reactor)
  • Leia's News/Light of the Force
  • Victory Celebration/End Title
  • Source Music: Ewok Feast/Part Of The Tribe
  • Archival Bonus Track: The Forest Battle (Concert Suite)