Jerry Goldsmith, Frontiers - Sci-Fi classics

Jerry Goldsmith - The Frontiers Collection CD cover That Jerry Goldsmith has made a substantial contribution to the music of science fiction films is undeniable, but this CD puts these classics together in a single collection. Goldsmith himself conducts the Royal Scottish National Orchestra for the recording session so these renditions will be true to the composer's intentions. The three Star Trek tracks nicely span from the first film "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" to "Star Trek: First Contact" which was the latest movie in the series at the time of recording, and "Start Trek: Voyager" which is the latest TV series bearing the Star Trek name. This position may change later on this year and I can't help but speculate on who might be asked to compose the theme tune....

For "Twilight Zone: The Movie" Goldsmith has put together a great concert overture consisting of music from 3 of the film's 4 sections. I particularly like the progression from bold introduction, to quiet contemplative music which then gets more sinister and finally quite demented in a "Gremlins" sort of a way. It is easy to see why Joe Dante went back to Goldsmith for the Gremlins movies themselves.

The "Capricorn One" title theme has outer sections with bold chords and a repetitive motto hammered out on brass and timpani. The middle section is more relaxed and even uplifting, but watch out for the effortless transitions from one section to the next. "Total Recall" seems to be in a simlar vein, mixing rhythmic thrilling fare with heroics.

Although the movies were not of the blockbuster variety attracting huge audiences, it is films like "Damnation Alley" and "Logan's Run" (both being awarded two tracks each on the album) which have allowed the composer much freedom and variety of expression, making these some of the most interesting tracks on the album. Logan's Run in particular exhibits a number of different moods with carefully chosen orchestration to match. "The Illustrated Man" has a wordless soprano voice making an eerie backdrop to this unusual movie.

The whole album is rounded off nicely with the evocative End Titles from Alien. This great album from Goldsmith is a fine addition to any soundtrack collection and worth checking out at these shopping sites: in the UK, or in the US.

Track listing:

  • Star Trek: First Contact - End Title
  • Twilight Zone: The Movie - End Title Suite
  • Capricorn One - Main Title
  • Logan's Run - The Monument, End of the City
  • The Illustrated Man - Main Title
  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture - The Enterprise
  • Total Recall - Main Title
  • Damnation Alley - Main Title, End Title
  • Star Trek: Voyager - Main Title
  • Alien - End Title