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Jim Paterson - writer, composer and arranger

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Jim Paterson Jim Paterson launched the mfiles website in 2000, based on some classical music transcriptions and arrangements, plus a collection of notes about film music composers which had been developed and maintained earlier. In addition to running Music Files Ltd and managing the mfiles website, Jim Paterson has also since 2001 composed music for mobile games, videos and multimedia presentations. Most of these commissions have been original music in a variety of styles and sound effects, but occasionally including arrangements of existing music particularly for games based on existing franchises. Although mfiles invites contributions from others and regularly commissions music arrangements, reviews and articles, Jim Paterson is still the main author of material on the website. That material includes the following:

  • Music - classical and traditional music transcriptions, adaptations and arrangements
  • Biographies - summary biographies of classical and film composers, often with music examples and recommendations
  • Articles - articles about a wide range of music topics, often related to classical, traditional or film music
  • Reviews - reviews of film scores and soundtracks, concerts and classical CDs, and occasionally books and DVDs about music

In February 2009 Jim Paterson incorporated his music activities into Music Files Ltd, so this limited company now formally owns and manages the website. However this is largely for convenience, and Jim Paterson remains as the driving force behind the company.

Some selected articles and arrangements by Jim Paterson on mfiles, some with biographical footnotes:

Jim Paterson on the web:

On mfiles you can also find Jim's Blog and original Music Portfolio. In addition the following external websites contain more information under the names "Jim Paterson", "JayPee" or "Music Files":

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