The Wexford Carol (for piano): A traditional 12th Century Irish Christmas Carol

This is a piano arrangement of The Wexford Carol, a traditional Christmas Carol dating from the 12th Century in Ireland. You can access this music in PDF format for printing, or the equivalent Download MIDI file and Download MP3 file for playing. This release was prompted by a fine arrangement for guitar of this carol supplied by regular contributor Glenn Jarrett.

We also have the theme of this carol available at a number of different pitches and in suitable key signatures, so that it can be played by a range of music instruments, as follows: main (for middle register instruments in C), high (for higher-pitched instruments such as the piccolo), bass (for instruments using the Bass clef e.g. bassoon or cello), clarinets in B-flat, horns in F (or Cor Anglais), alto saxophone in E-flat, viola and an accompaniment part for piano with guitar chords.

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