The British Grenadiers - Patriotic March and Song: Sheet Music, Midi & MP3 Files

The tune of "The British Grenadiers" dates from the 17th century and it is used as a traditional march and song by a number of units in the British army and by the armies of a number of Commonwealth countries. In Britain the tune is played at various official events such as "Trooping the Colour". The tune is frequently associated with Britain and considered to be a patriotic song, and as such the melody is often used or quoted in films and television programmes to provide this association. However the melody is widely known and it is played and used by many organisations worldwide, both military and non-military, and the melody has been adapted with different words for various purposes.

This piano arrangement of "The British Grenadiers" is suitable for practice or performance as a solo piece, or it can also be used to accompany singers. You can download this piece as Piano Sheet Music in PDF format, or in the form of Midi or Mp3 files. More Patriotic Songs can be found in the article National Anthems and Patriotic Songs.

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