Scott Joplin : Peacherine Rag (piano) - sheet music, mp3 and midi

The "Peacherine Rag" is an early piano rag written in 1901 by Scott Joplin. For those who don't know a peacherine is a hybrid between a peach and a nectarine, making this one of many rags by the composer with a botanical name. Although not labelled as such, Peacherine Rag is a simple ragtime two-step which was a popular type of dance. It starts off in the key of E-flat with an unassuming four-bar introduction and builds gradually in intensity, ending in the related key of A-flat. Although relatively simple compared to some other ragtime pieces, it nevertheless has characteristic jumps and occasional ocataves in the left hand which create technical difficulties especially for those with smaller hands. Peacherine Rag is one of several rags by Scott Joplin which have been used on the soundtrack of the series "Westworld".

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