Saltarello 2 : an arrangement of a Medieval Dance - sheet music, midi and mp3

"Saltarello 2" is a dance tune recorded in a Medieval manuscript thought to be late 14th Century Tuscan in origin. The original manuscript consists of a melody only and on mfiles you can download and play that original version of Saltarello 2 and we have included alternative sheet music parts suitable for different instruments. The arrangement on this page is intended to illustrate how you might embellish the piece for performance by adding a simple bass and 1 or 2 simple percussion parts. The 4 parts listed in the left-hand menu are for Oboe (the main melody), Bassoon (bass accompaniment), Percussion 1 (e.g. drum) and Percussion 2 (e.g. tambourine) but there is plenty of scope for using alternative instruments and adapting these arrangements as you want. Also on the left hand menu are midi and mp3 files based on this arrangement. The video below illustrates this arrangement with an animation in "piano roll" format, while below that you can play the mp3 file and see the sheet music.

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