Frederic Chopin : Prelude Op.28 No. 15 in Db for piano - The Raindrop

Inspired by Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, Chopin wrote a set of 24 preludes for piano each in a different major or minor key. This one is knicknamed The Raindrop because of the repeated A-flat note (which becomes an equivalent G-sharp note during the middle section in C# minor). The piece is thought to have been composed when Chopin, on doctor's orders, went on holiday to Majorca to enjoy a warm dry climate but experienced days on end of rain. This piece was used in the adverts for the video game "Halo 3" and in the films "Face/Off" and "Prometheus". The complete set of piano preludes by Chopin is available from Sheet Music Plus (US) or The Music Room (UK). Here is a video followed by the sheet music for the piece:

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