Oranges and Lemons: a Nursery Rhyme - Sheet Music, midi & mp3 files

Orange and Lemon "Oranges and Lemons" is a traditional Nursery Rhyme which is often used to accompany a children's game. There are different versions of the song, but all seem to start off innocently singing about fruit and mentioning various church bells in London. The questioning about an outstanding debt turns persistent and the song has a dark shock ending which children love. In the game version it is on the last word that a dancing couple passing through an arch may be caught between the arch's arms. Their forfeit is to kiss. The origin of the melody is unknown, but notice how it seems to suggest ringing bells while the first line could be the call of a street seller. The PDF sheet music, Midi and Mp3 files for this melody can be downloaded using the links in the left-hand menu.

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