O Come All Ye Faithful : The Traditional Christmas Carol arranged by Jim Paterson

This Traditional Carol has a long history. It was formerly attributed to John Francis Wade who included it within one of his publications, but the words (and possibly the tune) date from earlier times, and it was once known as the Portuguese Hymn. The tune is also sometimes known by its Latin name "Adeste Fideles", and it has been arranged by classical composers such as Franz Liszt. It is a favourite piece for choirs at Christmas time since it lends itself to different harmonisations (including descants), and the voicing in the chorus permits a form of counterpoint where the gradual addition of voices gives a powerful crescendo effect.

We have the following different versions of this sheet music depending on the instrument you are using: Keyboard, Guitar, with melody lines for a variety of instruments Main, High, Bass, Clar, Horn, Sax and Viola, and this Accompaniment part so that a pianist can accompany instruments.

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