I Saw Three Ships : the Traditional Christmas Carol for Viola and Piano (Tune B)

This popular christmas carol probably dates from 17th century England, though the meaning of the words is not clear. There are two similar (but distinct) melodies for this carol which seem to be equally well-known, so we have published arrangements of both. We have called this one "Tune B" but if this is not the melody you are looking for try the Tune A version (for piano solo and other options). This version (Tune B) is also available for Piano Solo.

The arrangement shown here is for viola and piano, and the sheet music parts for this are the Viola Part and the piano accompaniment (playing from the score). Depending on the instrument you play, the viola part can be replaced by any of the following options: Main instruments in C (flute, oboe, violin), High instruments in C (piccolo), Bass instruments in C (bassoon, cello, trombone), instruments in B-flat (clarinet, trumpet), instruments in F (cor anglais, french horn) or instruments in E-flat (alto soxophone). This Guitar version can be played solo or along with another instrument.

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