Wilhelmus van Nassouwe: Netherlands National Anthem - sheet music, midi & mp3

Wilhelmus van Nassouwe (or "Wilhelmus") is the national anthem of The Netherlands, and is considered to be the oldest national anthem in the world. The lyrics celebrate William of Orange's struggle against the Spanish to achieve the country's independence. Although the Song was only adopted by The Netherlands as their official National Anthem in 1932, the Song has been popular in the country since the middle of the 16th Century. The Dutch composer Adriaen Valerius included the melody in a Hymn Book he compiled in 1626, though he did not compose the music himself and its origins are unclear.

This arrangement is for piano and you can download it as PDF Sheet Music, or in Midi or Mp3 formats. You can play the work as a piano solo, or use it to accompany singers or other musical instruments. The National Anthems of other selected countries can be found in our article National Anthems and Patriotic Songs.

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